What Is Foot Pedicure?

Maybe you don’t know what is foot pedicure and how does it work. Because most of us think pedicure is an unnecessary novelty task that requires a lot of money but has little payoff.  That notion is not valid.

Our feet do so much for us yet get the most neglected treatment. Our feet can keep us standing and indicate if anything terrible is going on with us internally.

Let’s learn more about foot pedicure in the article.

What Is Foot Pedicure

What is Foot Pedicure?

A foot pedicure is a cosmetic treatment done by the external stimulation of the foot using various tools.It is not a random set of the task but a comprehensive, well-thought-out treatment.

The main objective is to clean and hydrate the feet.

The word itself originated from Latin. The Pedi or Pedis means ‘of the foot. This is a clear testament to how long people have taken care of their feet.

Keep reading the article to learn more on what is foot pedicure!

How Beneficial Can a Foot Pedicure Truly Be?

 It is the most selling service in a spa salon. Women worldwide enjoy a nice pampering day via this foot care treatment. It’s the cleanliness and beautification of the feet that excites most of the customers.

There are so many benefits of doing a pedicure.

Increased blood flow: There is a lot of massaging and rubbing of the feet involved in the pedicure, so the blood flow increases in that area. So any wounds or damage will be fixed super fast.

Lymphatic drainage: The lymph nodes on the feet can swell up due to puffiness and lack of blood circulation. A regular pedicure will drain the lymphatic nose, resulting in a nice toned-looking foot.

Increased nail growth:  the increased blood circulation will stimulate the base of the nail, therefore accelerating the nail growth. The health of the nails will be in perfect condition, and any breakage will be preventable.

Prevent ingrown: according to research, about 85% of Americans have suffered some form of ingrown on their feet. This time to time, ingrown can be avoided, as most pedicure routines include cutting the nails correctly.

Exfoliation: proper exfoliation is also done on the feet as it is the most crucial part of a pedicure. As we have said, the main objective of the fit is to beautify it, so scrubbing the dead skin cells away will improve the feet.

Stress buster: a pedicure is the ultimate stress buster. Because of all the massaging and scrubbing, skin inflammation decreases. Our heartbeat gets slower, and the mind diverts into a more meditation-like state.

Foot problem detection: each pedicure step carefully considers the current situation or the foot’s skin quality. Only then each pedicure processor is done. So if there is any suspicious mark or pain, it will be detected by the pedicurist.

The Expert Way to Do a Foot Pedicure

Step #1: Trim all the nails, from pinky to big toe. The length of them can be your desired choice, but keeping them well short will prevent bacteria from staying in for long.

Step #2:  Use a nail file to seal the edges, preventing ingrown. The ideal shape should be rounded or square. Do not cut the edges too deep. You can choose best electric foot files from here.

Step #3: Scrape off cuticles. You can use a wooden tool or a cuticle cutter to cut the excess skin on your toes. You can use a cuticle softener oil to simplify the process and sterilize each tool before and after.

Step #4: Use a scrub to exfoliate the skin gently. Make a home scrubbing paste using sugar/salt, coconut oil, coffee grounds, and any of your favorite essential oils. The scrub must be applied to a generous amount and up to the ankles.

Step #5: Take a bowl of lukewarm water, add some Epsom salt, and soak in those feet for 15-20 min. Dry off with a clean towel.

Step #6: Take off any residual nail polish with a nail polish remover and buff off the nail’s surface using a nail buffer. It will keep it even looking and add a natural shine.

Step #7: This step is optional. Using regular gel, poly gel, or extensions, you can paint your nails however you want. Use a base coat before applying any polish, as it will protect you from staining and potentially damage your nails.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: How often should we do a pedicure?

Ans: Once a month is enough for most people. But if you are someone who likes to walk barefoot. I would suggest doing it every 15 days at intervals.

Q2: What is the approximate cost for a pedicure?

Ans: If you are doing it at home, it is free, but if you do it in a salon, it will cost you around 20 to 30 dollars.

Q3: What are the things I must be aware of before getting a pedicure?

Ans: The number one thing you should not do for a pedicure is shaving or waxing your legs.

Q4: How long does a pedicure usually last?

Ans: If all the steps are done correctly, it should last about two to three weeks.

Final Thoughts

You may have heard the saying, “You wanna know how old she is? Just look down and ponder “. This holds accurate as the signs of aging show in the places where it’s been poorly cared for. So go out there, get a foot spa pedicure, and keep them guessing the secret of your youthfulness.

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