How Often Should We Pedicure in Summer?

So, you are here to learn how often should we pedicure in summer, right?

Don’t worry! You will find your answers from here. Just keep reading.

But at first the intro of the article!

Ah! Manis and pedis are just about anyone’s holy grail of relaxation. Just lying down on a comfortable chair, with a drink while someone pampers you is a luxury to some people and must be affordable to all!

We all want to look summer ready with our colorful, supple-looking feet ready to strut.

Summer often makes our feet swell up and can make our skin rough and dry. So, how often should we get pedicures to avoid this disaster?

Let’s go over the procedures for taking care of our feet and often should we do so in this crazy heat.

How Often Should We Pedicure in Summer

How Often Should We Pedicure in Summer?

In summer, your feet have a tendency to dry out quite rapidly, therefore if you use nail paint, you may notice that it chips.

Your feet are frequently wearing flip-flops flops or footwear that exposes your toes during the summer. This makes them prone to regular exposure to the outdoors.

About four to six weeks ought to be your target interval for pedicures. This amount of time is how long it requires for dry skin to emerge again on the foot, hence addressing it now, until it becomes severe, could indeed be helpful.

If you are an athlete or someone who has to be on their feet their entire day, you might need a pedicure more often than you think.

And if you are a person who has to tackle toenail infection or other foot and nail complexities, getting a pedicure once every two weeks would be a suitable choice. Then again it is always better to consult a podiatrist before taking any step.

Why Are Pedicures Beneficial in Summer?

Not only do our feet look stunning and ready for summertime but it is also beneficial to our health as well.

Frequent pedicures can help with a variety of foot issues, including calluses, blisters, infections in the nails, ingrown cuticles, rough feet like athletes’ feet, and warts. Because of this, podiatrists recommend integrating routine pedicures into every therapeutic strategy.

Such ailments may be unpleasant, uncomfortable, or humiliating. Because of these problems, oftentimes we hide our feet away from the eyes of the people, in the concern to be ridiculed.

Now, isn’t that just sad? Fortunately, taking care of our feet can abstain us from such hideous situations from happening and aid in our recovery.

So, for all you cheapskates who dismiss the idea of getting a pedicure, are you scared now?

What Happens During a Pedicure?

Nail trimming, contouring, massages on the foot and calves, moisturizing, and cuticle buffing are all included in a typical pedi. Typically, an electronic tool is used for cuticle cleansing, straightening, and softening.

The initial step is to soak your feet, this aids in soothing the skin of the feet.  Since the tissue on the foot is tougher than that on various other parts of the body, it may also become brittle.

Moisturizing will soften the feet which will decrease and protect your feet from becoming like an athlete’s foot (ew), then treat toenail fungus, lessen puffiness, and decrease the discomfort associated with extended posture or elevated activities.

After that, exfoliating dry skin is simpler because it is smooth now. A feet filer or exfoliating marble that resembles a grate could be used for the treatment.

Then you will be given the option to paint your nails the desired color to look fabulous. However, people who are receiving pedicures for medical reasons tend to not.

An Ideal Remedy for Pedicures in Summer

If you are a couch potato and do not want to be getting out in the scorching heat, you might be wondering if there’s an alternative solution.

Well, you’re in luck! You can always do your own pedicure at home.

The supplies for home pedicures are quite affordable, you will also learn how to do them yourself by watching YouTube tutorials and have complete responsibility over what, and how you want it to be done.

It is important to keep our feet exfoliated even if it may be quite unpleasant to do so in summer, however, you’ll thank me later.

Since the sun doesn’t spare anyone untouched, use sunblock on a daily basis.  This may help keep them from darkening. Resist walking about barefoot, as it will quickly and easily make your feet collect dirt.

Whether or not you do it at home or at the salon, the investment in this treatment will you leave with baby-soft and healthy-looking feet.

How Long Do Pedicures Last in Summer?

The length of time it would remain primarily relies on the person and the activities they undertake. Summer may involve many outdoor activities. A pedicure usually seems to last two to four weeks. In summer, we are more likely to walk barefoot on the beach thus could lead to dirt inside our toenails and much worse. So, it is best to get a pedicure treatment once every two weeks during this season.

When to Avoid Pedicures?

No matter how disheartening it sounds, there are times when you must avoid pedicures. Times like these:

  • When you have diabetes, pedicures may increase complexities.
  • Toe-nail fungus is highly contagious and if you contract yellow, thick, toenails, it is best to visit a podiatrist and treat your feet yourself rather than go to a salon.
  • Salons may use numerous chemicals that may or may not be suitable for your body, thus it would be better to do your own nails at home rather than risk permanent damage.
  • It would be suitable to substantially avoid pedicures if you have a history of injuries involving toenails.


Q1: Is it ok to get a pedicure every 2 weeks?

Answer: It depends on your activity. If you stay at home, then pedicure every 2 weeks is not so good for your feet. You can do 1 time in a month.

Q2: How often should i get a pedicure to avoid ingrown toenails?

Answer: Hope you got your answer already from this article. If you still have any other query, feel free to contact us here or you can read our other articles.

Q3: How often should you get a pedicure in winter?

Answer: Well, it depends on skin tone. If your skin tone is average, then once in a month is a good one. So, better ask your beautician to test your skin before doing pedicures.


So, now I hope you are aware of how often we must get a pedicure. Not only to look glamorous this summer but also for keeping healthy and nourished.

Now we don’t want to grow old and have feet that look like the feet of a troll, do we? Of course not!

Pamper yourself whenever the chance comes knocking at your door and remind yourself to take care. Drink plenty of water!

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