When to Change Toe Ring?

Are you one of those people who wear toe rings as much as I do?

Do you like having one favorite/ meaningful piece and wearing it until it’s tarnished to the heavens?

Consider yourself in my club of toe ring fanatics. But let’s be real for a moment. Wearing toe rings for an extended period will not only deform your toes but also create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

So what to do then? When to change toe ring?

In this article, I will be going over all the signs to look for when changing toe rings , and enlighten you with some interesting facts along the way. So without any further delay.

Let’s start to read!

When to Change Toe Ring?

The optimal time to change your toe ring is when you feel tightness, itchiness, and major discomfort. You should also notice if the color of your rings has changed.

Depending on the material of the rings, expensive ones will withstand friction a lot more than cheaper ones. Gold, Silver, and Platinum will last forever. While a dollar or two one with weather away in just a few years.

A History Recall Before You Change Toe Ring

The toe ring was first worn by Indian women in ancient times. Wearing a toe ring back then meant that the lady is now married and is devoted to her husband. Which is far away from why we wear it today.

The toe ring also had an association with Ayurveda. People used to think it helped with blood circulation during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Men also used to wear toe which was considered as a lucky charm to win battles.

In the West, the craze for toe rings began in 1973 with a jewelry maker called Borell. She started her shop in New York City and initially sold gold and silver toe rings. She also added diamonds to grab the attention of upper-class customers.

90’s American teenagers quickly got a hold of the item and made it a mainstream jewelry item.

Last, to say, the toe ring became a fashion statement piece we all wear and love today.

Importance of The Right Time to Change To Ring

If you want to extend the longevity of your toe ring. You must have your toe ring fitted to your toe size. The list of importance includes:

  1. Wearing a properly fitted toe ring guarantees that it lies pleasantly on your toe and does not cause pain or discomfort. It should not be too tight, as this might impede blood circulation and cause discomfort, nor should it be too loose, as this can cause the toe ring to fall off easily.
  2. Foot swelling can occur in hot temperatures or after extended durations of standing or walking. A too-tight toe ring can impede blood flow and aggravate swelling, causing discomfort and potential health problems. A proper fit promotes natural mobility and eliminates needless pressure.
  3. A well-fitted toe ring improves the appearance of the foot overall. It should fit snugly on the toe without bulging or slipping out of place. Uncomfortable toe rings can distract from the ideal aesthetic appeal.

How to Change Toe Rings When Wearing Closed Shoes?

Another thing we toe ring girls struggle with is finding a good pair of clothes and shoes that won’t hurt our feet. Even though wearing open-toe shoes might be comfortable, sometimes we are required to wear closed-toe shoes.

And I have a few hacks up my sleeve to make that experience bearable. The first thing you can do is to take tape or a Band-Aid and wrap it around your ring toes. Another alternative method is to use some lubricating product. For example, apply Vaseline generously on your toes.

If nothing is working then find a ring that has no stones or gem protruding outward. A single band or just one material should be comfortable enough to let you walk in on closed-toe shoes.

Watch how to put a toe rings.

Change Toe Rings: Update Your Style

With everything in mind. Here are my top recommendations for best-looking toe rings (broke girl friendly, of course!).

1. Sac Silver Celtic Knot 0.925 Silver Toe Ring

This one is a classic Celtic design for you, if you are into Bohemian fashion. This story has 4.10 stars on Amazon. It is made with high-quality material and fits you snugly. It is 92.5% pure silver mixed with alloy. If worn and taken care of carefully it should last you about 5-6 years without tarnish. For more, you can check here.

2. S WithLove Silver Swirls

If you are into a more quintessential tribal design then I suggest you check this ring out. Again it’s made of high-quality city material and has a 5-year guarantee. Reviews for this toe ring are satisfactory. The product comes with a velvet pouch. So, you know that they are giving you top-quality stuff. It is an adjustable ring, so anyone can wear it comfortably. See the latest update of this toe ring from here.

3. J Style 3 Piece Gold Filled Toe Ring

Saved the best for last. This is for all my golden girls out there. Why buy one design when 3 can buy 3? This is exactly what this toe ring is giving you. You don’t have to worry about the gorgeous golden color coming off as it has durability certification for up to 5 years. See the update information here.


Q1. What is a toe ring and why do people wear toe rings?

A toe ring is a small band or ring worn on one of the toes, usually the toe rings on the second toe. People wear toe rings for various reasons, such as fashion statements, cultural and traditional purposes. Or simply for personal preference. In some cultures, like the Hindu tradition, women wear toe rings as a symbol of marital status. Toe rings can be made of various materials, such as sterling silver, 14k gold. Or even plastic and can be adjustable or designed to fit snugly around the toe pad and the toe knuckle.

Q2. How do you properly wear a toe ring?

To wear a toe ring correctly, you should first pick the toe you intend to place the ring on. Usually people wear it on the second toe. Ensure the toe ring is properly fitted. So, it comfortably wraps around the widest part of the toe. Adjustable toe rings may need to be gently opened or closed to achieve the ideal fit. Rings should be snug enough that they don’t slide off. But also not too tight to avoid causing discomfort or restricting blood flow.

I know you love your toe ring. But incase if you want to remove your toe ring, you can do it, of course. You can ask us to write a DIY guide for you for that.

Q3. Is it common for both men wear and women wear toe rings?

Yes, toe rings are considered unisex and can be worn by both men and women. Traditionally, men wear toe rings mostly as a fashion accessory. While women wear toe rings for both fashion purposes and as a cultural symbol. Such as in the Hindu tradition where a married woman might wear a toe ring. Various designs cater to different genders and personal styles. So it’s essential to choose a ring that fits your preference.

Q4. Can you wear your toe ring on either foot?

Yes, you can wear your toe ring on either foot, depending on your preference. Some people might wear a pair of toe rings, placing one on the second toe of both feet. In specific cultures or traditions, the preferred foot for wearing toe rings may vary, but in general. And it’s up to you. Even you can wear a toe ring on third toe or on the big toe of your feet. It’s really up to you!

When To Change Toe Ring

Closing Thoughts

For my TL;DR readers. The best time to change your toe ring is when it’s getting a greenish hue and starts. It may take 1 year or even 10. It solely depends on how often you clean your feet and toe rings. You should also consider a replacement warranty from the jewelry store you bought your toe ring from.

 I hope you enjoyed today’s article about when to change toe ring? Would you like me to talk more about toe rings? Then sound off in the comments below. It helps me to think about what I’m gonna talk about next.

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