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what to wear with a leg cast in winter

What To Wear With A Leg Cast In Winter?

Christopher Rayn

A leg cast? Ouch! Life must be super miserable now. But does that mean we should stop looking pretty? Absolutely ...

how to measure toe ring size

How To Measure Toe Ring Size?

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How to tell if someone is cool and edgy? You look at their feet, of course. Are they wearing toe ...


When to Change Toe Ring?

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Are you one of those people who wear toe rings as much as I do? Do you like having one ...

what is Paraffin wax pedicure

What is Paraffin Wax Pedicure?

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Do you even know what is Paraffin wax pedicure? There are so many types of pedicures available in the market ...

What is an express pedicure

What is an Express Pedicure?

Christopher Rayn

How many times in our busy schedule do we look at our feet and feel horrified? For most people, the ...

what do nail salons use for acrylic nails

What Do Nail Salons Use for Acrylic Nails?

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Acrylic Nails are super trendy right now. If you go to Instagram or TikTok and search acrylic nail design, hundreds ...

How to Hide Toenail Fungus in the Summer

How to Hide Toenail Fungus in the Summer?

Christopher Rayn

Do you know how to hide toenail fungus in the summer season? Toenail fungus is one of the most common ...

What is Foot Salt and Soak

What is Foot Salt and Soak?

Christopher Rayn

Our article today is self-explanatory about what is foot salt and soak. But can be very confusing if you do ...

What is Toe Separator

What is Toe Separator?

Christopher Rayn

If you have ever been to a spa or have done a pedicure at home, chances are you already know ...

What are Foot Care Accessories

What are Foot Care Accessories?

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In this article we covered everything regarding what are foot care accessories, benefits and how does it work information. Let’s ...