What is Foot Salt and Soak?

Our article today is self-explanatory about what is foot salt and soak. But can be very confusing if you do not have any previous experience with Foot Spa.

Dry and irritated feet can be excruciating and have an overall negative impression on others. So what to do?

A nice foot and salt soak can solve that issue. It’s very cheap and can be done with one or two items. So let’s explore more.

What is Foot Salt and Soak

What is Foot Salt and Soak?

A salt and soak is a particular type of relaxation and beautifying process, where you take a special kind of salt like: Epsom or Himalayan pink salt, put it into lukewarm water, and soak your feet for a certain amount of time.

The magnesium sulfate in the Epsom salt is very lightly absorbed in the skin, so there is no risk of rising magnesium levels in the body. This soaking technique has been used since Egyptian times for pain relief.

What Are the Advantages of Foot Salt and Soak?

Before learning the benefits of the foot soak, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not some magical detoxing cure that those influencers claim to be.

The process of soaking should be incorporated with your other foot care routine and not an alternative to the actual therapeutic procedure prescribed by professionals.

Now let’s look at the advantages:

1# Pain Relief

A salt bath can be beneficial if you have frequent leg issues or arthritis. The salts in the water can temporarily increase the level of minerals in your body. This rise of minerals can aid in reducing inflammation and redness.

2# iIrradiating Fungal Wastes

Foot and toe nail infection can be very harmful. Indeed, salt water will not entirely remove the fungal infection, but it will soften your feet, making all of your other products more absorbable into the skin.

3# Dead Skin Removal

In most salons, use a solved and soak method to remove dead skin from your feet. The small chunks of salt work as a great scrub. So when they are rubbed against your skin day, gently remove all the loose skin cells—revealing fresh skin underneath.

4# Removing Splinter

As previously said, salt and soak will soften the feet, so if anything is stuck there, it will come smoothly. Also, if you have any dirt or grime lounged deep into the toenail. That will also come out very quickly after scrapping with a brush.

5# Eliminate Odor

Because of all the antiseptic properties in the salt. All the bacteria on your feet will die off. As you already know by now, the order of bacteria comes from the residual bacterial waste.  Do this every 2 to 3 times a week to eliminate the odor.

6# Relaxing

The main reason why everybody likes to soak their feet in warm water with salt is that it is very relaxing. It brings down your heart rate and makes your mindset very zen and calming.

Here’s how you do a Salt and Soak (Like a pro)

Step # 1: Take a large deep bowl or fill your tub with lukewarm water. The level of water should be enough to cover your total feet.

Step # 2:  Take around ⅓ cups of Himalayan pink salt or Epsom salt and add it to the warm water.

Step # 3: put your feet in the water and sock for 20 to 30 minutes. Do this three times a week. It is an essential step to salt and soak. But if you want, you can add green tea, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil to boost the efficacy of the treatment.

Step # 4: moisturize with the heavy cream, and seal it with petroleum jelly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  how long are we supposed to soak our feet?

Ans: to get the maximum result, you should cure your feet for 10 to 20 minutes weekly.

Q2:  If I have dry skin, should I do this therapy?

Ans: If you have dryness or wounds on your foot, you should avoid doing this therapy.

Q3: Can I use table salt for this therapy?

Ans: yes. Studies have shown that table salt is used in this type of therapy to work as a non-irritable, antibacterial, anti-fungal solution.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article was informative and encouraging enough to make you try this foot careYou can expect better results if you go to a salon, as they will use the right kind of products that will specifically target ingredients to resolve your foot issues.

Want to know more about what is foot salt and soak? You can read our other articles.

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