Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink?

Black Socks have had my doubts forever! And this suspicion gets me every time to accept that wearing a black sock would make my feet smelly.

Presumably, You already know the hot potato “Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink?”.

Let me unmask this for you, right below!

Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink?

The answer to this question is, No. Black Socks are not always responsible for making your feet stink.

But is that it? Well, no. Because there are some more answers to the same burning question.

We do know that black absorbs heat more than other colors, perhaps responsible for creating that blue cheese smell. However, not only the color but also the fabric itself is mostly responsible for odor. Even the idea of personal hygiene would not be a bad point to consider!

Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink

Is Black Sock the Antagonist then?

From the above reasons, I’m sure you have already understood that Black Sock is not the Antagonist nor the Victim.

Typically, if you wear a black sock, it might be the catalyst to create a pungent odor on your feet. But, your feet or the material that might also be equally responsible for the mess.

And, if you are suffering from the continuous foot odor then my suggestion to you would be to allocate the root cause through a sincere investigation.

Because, a disgusting smelling feet is not only ruining your image but for sure making others so uncomfortable around you!

What Causes Your Feet to Smell?

1. The Excess Heat Produced by Black Sock

If we follow the scientific explanations for light spectrum, Black objects usually absorb all the wavelengths nor does it reflect any light. Thus, the absorbed light is turned into heat, making your feet warmer.

Warm feets eventually lead to sweating due to humidity mostly. So, the moisture remaining in your feet creates food for bacteria to dive in and thus creates the odor.

Clearly, Black sock is responsible for creating the odor then? Yes. However, would it be unfair to let the bacteria go away from being called the “Culprit”.

2. Fabric of The Sock

Typically, you would choose synthetics over the cottons unknowingly, because of the cheaper rate. However, the percentage of cotton or synthetic materials in your socks matter a lot when it comes to hygiene standards.

Synthetic fabrics like Polyester or Nylon suffocate your feet. Usually, these fabrics lack the ability to pass air and moisture through. Therefore, making your feet almost immure within the sock. This inability to dry out the excess moisture released through sweating becomes the cause of releasing that foul smell from your feet.

In a nutshell, you must be clear that selection of soft, gentle fabrics are a necessity over those pretty socks!

3. Your Socks Are Too Thick for the Climate

Am I the only one to use funky socks despite the proper season to wear them? Sometimes, neglecting the right season to use the sock and wear it off to work seems okay!

But, a woolly Christmas sock is not to be worn during fall. Likewise, diversity of climate matters when you are selecting your clothing. Undoubtedly, Socks that you need to wear during the cold winter will eventually cause fetid and itchy feet, if you wear them in summer.

So, try to go through the user manual or tags while purchasing a sock. Surprisingly, the brands always indicate seasons along with the fabric materials for you to depict the season and expiry of the fabric.

4. Dirty Socks

Our hectic schedule barely gives us the time to properly clean or sanitize our daily wear. Consequently, while putting the clothes in the washing machine I dump my socks along with other stuff. This barely gives my socks the chance to be cleaned thoroughly.

Mostly, the natural oils and bacteria of your feet remain trapped within the sock, making a mixture of dirt from other clothes and the detergent itself. This combo of germs usually cause Athlete’s foot and obviously stimulates the smell.

So, instead of cleaning loads of cloth all at once. You can actually clean socks with some other lighter garments using mild antibacterial products.

5. Outwearing the Socks

I am definitely on the side to repeat my wardrobe several times a week. But, there is a thin line between wearing clothes repeatedly and outwearing them. So, if you are continuously using the same garment everyday then you already know the cause of that Stink.

No wonder that overusing a product not only gets destroyed very quickly but creates a load of health problems like skin rash or eczema. So, you need to ensure not excessively repeating the same pair of socks everyday.

Unless you have a budget to count on, my suggestion to you would be to make a weekly garment list. Because it’s a heck a lot cheaper and easily manageable to clean on weekends.

6. Too Tight for Your Feet to Breathe

Did you know that Socks have a wide range of sizes according to your feet? Sounds ridiculous but it is good to be true.

Generally, I choose cool donut printed socks as my priority over the simple ones regardless of size. But that only causes suffocation to my feet.Thus, buying the right size that isn’t too congested is obviously the wise option if you are prone to smelly feet.

Therefore, You can always follow a size guide or the basic measurement of your feet to select a perfectly fit sock while purchasing.

7. Naturally Attracted to Sweat

You cannot always blame the sock or even the fabric for creating that odor. Perhaps, it might be your body responsible for creating extra sweat that naturally gives rise to stink.

Have you heard of Hyperhidrosis before? It is a medical condition that causes you to sweat abnormally.

Although, Hyperhidrosis is not very unusual, nor something to panic about. But you can diagnose it, if you notice your hands or feet sweating more than usual.

8. Your Feet Being the Real Villain

Not only dirty feet but also overly cleaned, nourished feet can be responsible for odor.

Generally, if you tend to wear socks off to work right after applying moisturizer. This just stimulates bacteria to crawl. A dirty feet would be the real cause too! But, generously moisturized feet are also responsible to Stink.

You should know that, Less is more for your feet. But if you are thinking of using loads of moisturizer and leaving it on forever, then blaming the color of the socks for causing odor is just unfair!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1# Do white socks produce more Bacteria on your feet than White socks?

Ans: Wearing Black socks will produce more heat scientifically that may cause you to sweat. However, a black or whilte colour has no connection directly with the production of bacteria on your feet.

Q2# Is Black Sock Responsible for Ingrown Toenail?

Ans: Not exactly a Black colored sock is necessarily responsible for Ingrown toenail but a tight sock. Bacteria and fungus growing within your feet due to dirt and sweat trapped in your feet is the reason for Ingrown Toenail.

Q3# Are Black Socks bad for your feet?

Ans: Not at all. You can wear Black Socks as any other colored sock. But firstly ensure that your feet are not overheated while wearing black.

Final Words

There you have it, the approximate explanation for “Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink?”.

Some may say that black socks are responsible for producing heat. Thus, creating more sweat which ultimately gives rise to bacterial diseases. But to me, a different colored sock is no less the Culprit because socks are supposed to warm up your feet anyway.

However, if you are suffering from using black socks, try changing it for instance? Because the selection of the right fabric, perfectly fit for your feet will solve your issue like magic.

Do you want more information regarding do black socks make your feet stink? Then you can read our other articles. Or you can ask us for more information.


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