How to Dry Socks Fast Without a Dryer?

When monsoon or winter comes, what problem comes to your mind first? For me, it is drying wet clothes. During these two seasons, drying socks become a headache.

It gets more difficult when you don’t have a dryer. Well, but where there is a problem, there are solutions.

And, I have some tricks that I use while drying socks faster without a dryer. I’ll be sharing the tricks of how to dry socks fast without a dryer with you too. I hope you read the entire article to know the methods properly.

How to Dry Socks Fast Without a Dryer?

To dry your socks fast without a dryer you can use a dry towel to absorb the water. You can also use iron to evaporate the water. Keeping the socks hanging under the fan can also dry the socks faster.

How to Dry Socks Fast Without a Dryer

Detailed Method of Drying Socks Fast Without a Dryer

Before starting the process of any methods mentioned below, you need to drain as much water as you can from the socks.

01# Dry Towel Method:

There are two methods that I will introduce to you. The methods are quite similar just the main strokes are different.

Firstly, take a big dry towel. Spread the towel on your bed or on the floor. Place the socks on the surface of the towel. Roll the towel with the socks inside.

Now you have to put pressure on it as much as you can. You can stand on the roll of the towel and help the socks to drain the remaining water and the towel to absorb it.

Turn the roll and continue following the same process. After several times, unroll the towel and you will find much dryer socks.

The second method is to twist the towel. Do the same things while rolling the towel with the socks. This time you twist the towel instead of standing on it and putting pressure.

Keep twisting and drain the water. After several minutes you will notice the difference.

02# Ironing Method

In this method, you will need a dry towel again. You need two towels if you take small ones. But if you take a big towel, one will be enough.

Place the socks on one half of the towel then cover with the other half, if using the big ones. While using the small ones place the socks on one towel and cover with another. Make sure the entire socks are inside.

Start ironing on the towels. After ironing for 3 to 4 minutes, uncover it and you will find dry socks. This method also makes the socks wrinkle-free.

03# Using a Fan

This method can dry your socks 50% faster than natural air drying! The reason is that in this method the extreme air motion does the most work.

The fan helps the water evaporate and reduces moisture and humidity. This way the sock becomes dry and wearable.

When you hang your socks to dry naturally in natural blowing air, it dries the same way but takes more time.

How Much Reliable are These Methods?

See, the methods I just introduced are very simple and easy. You can use any of them to dry your socks. And when we talk about reliability, all of them are reliable.

The thing is you just need different energy in different methods but all of them do work initially. Yet I should tell you one thing here.

In the first method of dry towel method, you get a much drier sock each time you put pressure on it. Likewise, in the second method of dry towel method, the socks get dry but stay cold. It might make you a little uncomfortable, but I think it’s way better to wear a pair of socks that is cold but not damp.

Which One of These Methods Works Faster?

Well, I have already kinda gave you a spoiler above. Still, let me tell you which one I think is faster and easier.

For me, ironing is much faster. Let me tell you why. First, iron provides heat directly and evaporates the water from the sock and dries it.

It takes only 3 to 4 minutes which I mentioned above. So if you are in a hurry then you can choose the ironing method keeping your eyes closed.

Wait hey! Open your eyes. I didn’t literally mean that. Don’t iron with your eyes closed and be safe throughout this process.

However, using a fan is also a fast method but it takes more time than ironing. And dry towel also takes more time than these two methods. And of course, it also takes tons of patience.

What Else Can You Dry Using These Methods?

These methods can be used to dry more clothes rather than just socks. These methods mostly work for thin wool, cotton, silk, nylon, etc.

These materials are very thin and absorb less water. So when you twist them properly, a lot of water drains. And that’s why the clothes that are produced using these materials can be dried fast using the mentioned methods.

You can dry tops, scarves, undergarments, bandanas, veils etc.

What Can You Not Dry Using These Methods?

These methods won’t work efficiently on jeans, heavy wool sweaters, heavy t-shirts, jackets, pants and dresses, etc.

Well, come on, these materials are heavy and absorb huge amounts of water. Even if you try to twist them very hard, as hard as possible, there will be very less effectiveness.

So I will suggest you not waste your time by trying the methods on the heavy materials.

What to Avoid While Drying Socks Without a Dryer?

Now let’s look at the list of “what to avoid” so that the process can be completed and you can have all the information you need.

  1. Avoid being impatient. Well, the first method needs a lot of patience, trust me. Rolling, then twisting then pressurizing, a lot of work. So keep patience and wait for the wonderful outcome.
  2. If you are trying out the twisting dry towel method with an extra large towel, avoid twisting it alone. Big towels are heavy and it takes a lot of energy to twist. So have a companion and make it easy.
  3. While ironing, avoid ironing directly on the wet socks. This one is very important. Because if you run your iron directly on the wet sock, the sock can burn and produce a bad smell.
  4. Avoid keeping the temperature high the whole time of ironing. While ironing the extracting water vapors might create a smoke-like effect. So lower the temperature after some time.

Final Words

I think now, you are finally ready to say bye-bye to your wet socks. I hope I could make the methods easy enough for you to understand.

And I also hope I have answered all your possible questions related to how to dry socks fast without a clothes dryer.

These methods work really well so try this out right when you need to.

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