Can Socks Cause Foot Pain?

Have you ever faced a severe foot ache after wearing socks for a long time?

Well, critics say that Socks are one way or another responsible for foot pain. Again, there are rumors that sock is not really the Culprit.

To put an end to this debate, why not discover the truth or perhaps the mystery through “Can Socks Cause Foot Pain?”

Can Socks Cause Foot Pain?

Yes, Socks do cause foot pain in many ways. If your daily wearing socks are remaining on for hours, it is pretty obvious that they make your feet suffocate. But this ain’t all you will need to know about those foot pains.

So the queries may arise, what causes foot pain? How can I avoid foot pain caused by the sock? Obviously, You cannot expect to wear shoes without a pair of socks of course, especially in winter. Consequently, you will find all your answers below.

What Causes Foot Pain?

There are abundant causes of foot pain. It could be a medical condition or even post injury pain that you might have forgotten. However, here are 7 reasons for your foot pain, generated particularly through socks.

1. Your Socks Are Too Tight!

If you are using tight socks then it is a red flag for your health! Over tight sock is the most common reason for causing foot pain because of restricting blood circulation in your feet. Not to mention, the painful sock mark left on your feet after wearing tight socks.

Wearing compact socks puts heavy pressure on your feet, and misshapes your feet muscles. So, instead of relying on tight fitted socks, try to go for the sizes standard to your feet. Besides, you can also measure the right size of your feet which will help as a guide while shopping.

2. Rise of Temperature

Socks are supposed to keep your feet warm. But, based on the climate and your body temperature, socks can heat up your feet more than usual. This rise of temperature on your foot leads to burning sensation and foot ache.

In the past, I faced the same issue quite frequently. But, my savior for the burning feet has always been soft and loose socks. They ensure air movement on my feet. So, my advice to you would be to throw away your old pairs and get yourself a pair of gentle socks.

3. Congested Feet

Some shoes do not allow proper air flow which suffocates our feet more than usual. Eventually, your foot is sandwiched between the socks and shoes. The more time it remains packed, the more your feet muscles become constrained.

Thus, if you get any chance to provide your feet with some comfort even in the busiest place, never miss the chance to loosen up the laces a bit.

4. Friction Between Your Sock and the Shoe

While you move, friction is caused through the constant rubbing between your sock and the shoe. This is one of the prior reasons for foot pain.

Naturally, you cannot really help to stop this process. Therefore, a comfortable shoe might be your holy grail in this case. When the material of your shoe is less stiff, eventually it will save you from blisters.

5. Wrong Selection of Fabric

Synthetic fabrics are a big no for your foot pain. Polyester causes your feet to sweat abnormally, releasing natural oils and odor which are food for bacteria. If not directly the ache then wrong selection of fabric would definitely affect you with Athlete’s foot.

Another major factor about Synthetic socks are that they tend to be less flexible than most other cotton socks. As long as you are wearing the wrong socks, your foot almost seems binded like rope blocking the regular motion of blood flow. So, you should always ensure buying the right fabric.

6. Socks for Diabetes

Socks selection for a diabetic patient is no joke! Because, the patient needs a doctor’s consultation before buying socks in this case.

I’m sure you already know that cuts and wounds take longer to heal for diabetic patients. Thus, to save your foot from external injury, foot pain, a pair of diabetic socks comes pretty handy. Because, it protects your feet from fungal damage, and improves blood circulation.

7. Excess sweating of the feet

Excess sweating sometimes causes your feet to swell or build up fluid. This stuck fluid can be extremely painful with time.

Therefore, to save yourself from this horrible experience, you can try out some of my hacks to avoid sweaty feets. Using anti-perspirant deodorant  works wonders for me to avoid sweaty feets temporarily. Besides, applying anti-fungal powder on your feet before wearing socks works equally good!

What Are the Advantages of Wearing Socks?

Despite so much of the criticism, I simply cannot ignore the pros of wearing socks. Generally, we accept the idea that socks protect your feet by all means. But there are some more cool advantages of wearing socks too!

Maintains Moisture

During the dry seasons like fall or winter, I cannot even imagine staying without socks. Because, a pair of sock locks in most of the moisture of your feet blocking away the dryness, and chapped feet that we usually suffer from during these seasons.

Reduces Stress on Your Feet

Your socks act like a cushion between your feet and the shoe, saving you from tension created during running or moving.

Temperature Equilibrium

To keep your feets warm from freezing weather, nothing works better than woolly socks. Besides, socks balance the temperature of your feet by holding on to the released heat from your feet, keeping them warm for hours.

Protection Through Germs Remaining on the Shoe

Your shoes contain millions of germs from the places as we walk. However, socks protect your feet by creating a barrier between the shoe and your foot, which filters at least half of the germs remaining in the shoe.

Is There an Alternative to Wearing Socks?

Unfortunately, there are no alternative options for socks. Nevertheless, socks are not a mandatory part of your footwear. So, you can always skip wearing a pair of socks with your sneakers if you find it comfortable. Afterall, it is always better to ignore the part of fashion instead of suffering from terrible foot pain.

What is the Remedy to Cure Sore Feet Caused by Socks?

Whenever you are suffering from foot pains caused by sock, the least you can get relieved of is that they are temporary. So, here are some remedies for curing the sore foot.

Warm Water Foot Bath

Saturating your feet in warm water is a therapy itself. You can dip your feet for fifteen minutes in a tub of warm water to cure foot cramp caused by muscle strain and friction of the shoe and sock. Furthermore, you can add some antibacterial soap or green tea to treat fungal infections and foot odor.


When you sit stably in one position for long or Wear tight socks, your muscles become stiff. Thus, stretching is the best option to stabilize blood flow through your feet to treat foot ache. You can stretch your feet by curling your toe repeatedly a few times.

Foot Massage

Nothing can beat a foot massage to release toxins and cure foot pains. You can go to a physiotherapist weekly, to treat foot pain. A cheaper option is to use baseballs or cylindrical shaped objects that can be rolled beneath your feet. Learn more about foot massager from here.

Pain Killers

Counter-Medications can be taken to reduce extreme foot pain. You can consume acetaminophen or ibuprofen like anti-inflammatory painkillers. However, never hesitate to visit a doctor instead of treating your ailments by yourself.

Ice Bags for Blisters

If your sock caused you blisters or a swollen toe, put a bag of ice over and sit back for a while. This will reduce the swelling and numb the ache for a while. Later on, you can apply an anti-inflammatory ointment to treat the affected area.

Note: Learn how to wear socks with clogs without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is It Bad to Wear Socks All the Time?

Ans: Yes. Because, your feet need the air flow from time to time to dry off the sweat and excess moisture which gets immobilized if you wear socks all the time.

Can Socks Be Worn With Loafers?

Ans: Of course, socks can be worn with loafers! You can wear any solid colored sock with loafers to make your outfit look more edgy.

Are Compression Socks Good for Sprained Ankles?

Ans: Yes, compression socks are too good for sprained ankles! A compression sock will be your best friend to treat a sprained ankle as compression is a part of the recovery elements for sprain.


Therefore, I think you have already found the answer for your queries regarding foot pains caused by socks through “Can Socks Cause Foot Pain?”. To me, socks are responsible for foot pain.

Nevertheless, I cannot deny that socks do protect our feet from many hazards. So, I leave the choice to judge sock as the wrongdoer or the savior to you.

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