Are Cuticle Scissors Allowed on Planes?

While traveling by air, what to pack and what not to pack seems to be the most important issue. And when it’s the first flight, anxiety attacks like bees!

And when we want to carry sharp tools we get confused the most since sharp tools are harmful. Well, you might be wondering, as cuticle scissors are small and regular using tools would it still be a problem if we carry them on planes?

Let’s find out the answer to your question are cuticle scissors allowed on planes?

Are Cuticle Scissors Allowed on Planes?

As cuticle scissors have blades so it might seem unreal if I say cuticle scissors are allowed on planes.

However, it is not so unreal because cuticle scissors are allowed on planes. You can carry them in both your carry-on bags and checked luggage. But it is mandatory to follow the instruction before you carry them.

 Read more to know about the instructions.

What is the Ideal Size for Cuticle Scissors for Planes?

Well, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) categorizes some similar tools and puts rules on them as a whole. As cuticle scissors are a type of scissors that has sharp blades, they are categorized under scissors.

TSA has declared that scissors are allowed to be taken in your carry-on bags like purses or handbags if the blades are not longer than 4 inches. And the blade will be measured from the pivot point.

So if you want to take your cuticle scissors in your carry-on bags on planes, then the ideal size would be less than 4 inches measured from the pivot point.

However, if you want to carry the cuticle scissors in your checked luggage, all sizes are allowed. No need to worry about an ideal size.

How to Carry the Cuticle Scissors on Planes?

Whichever way you choose to carry your cuticle scissors on planes, you should be very careful about safety.

The cuticle scissors must be wrapped neatly and properly before you pack them in your handbags or in your checked luggage.

Following this rule is important as it is also a matter of safety for the inspectors and handlers who will deal with your luggage.

So, to prevent any kind of injury, it is a must for you to wrap the sharp cuticle scissors before your pack them.

This same rule is held for all other sharp nail care tools too.

Why are Longer Cuticle Scissors Not Allowed on Planes?

Well, you know how scary and harmful can air hijacking or violence can be!

It is the responsibility of TSA to guard your safety and ensure a smooth journey. In order to do that, they maintain some strict rules and never compromise.

Any sharp tools are considered to be used as a weapon. The people who aim to be violent, try to use all kinds of sharp tools to harm the safety of the passengers and get what they want.

So, basically, in this concern, the authority denies to compromise and holds rule over sharp tools.

And you are aware that cuticle scissors are sharp, right? Moreover, cuticle scissors that are longer than 4 inches can be threatening to safety, which is why TSA denies allowing them with handbags.

So in simple words, longer cuticle scissors are not allowed on planes to keep you and other passengers safe from any kind of accident.

What are Other Nail Care Tools Allowed on Planes?

As per TSA’s general rule, all kinds of manicure tools are allowed on planes.

You can travel with your nail file, cuticle pushers, tweezers, nail cutters etc. in your carry-on bags. Learn more about what is cuticle pusher.

But make sure to pack them in your carry-on bags only if they are small. They should not exceed 4 inches.

However, I should tell you that TSA is allowed to confiscate any of your tools if they find it threatening to the safety of the passenger.

Well, you cannot deny that some nail care tools are not sharp enough to be dangerous.

So whenever it comes to your and other passengers’ safety, TSA has the right to tell you that they cannot allow those tools in your handbag.

And it would be my gentle suggestion to you that if something like this comes up, you should cooperate with them.

What Happens if Longer Cuticle Scissors Are Found in Carry-on Bags?

 What do you think will happen to you if they find longer cuticle scissors in your carry-on bags? Are you gonna be punished? Or would you be banned from traveling in the plane?

Well, when I didn’t know the answer to it, I used to think I’ll be in jail for carrying scissors and blades.

But, we can sigh in relief because none of these will happen. You won’t be penalized if you have long and sharp cuticle scissors in your carry-on bags.

There are possible four things they might do to the cuticle scissors. And leniently enough, you will be given choices about what should they do to your cuticle scissors.

Let’s take a look at the options.

  • They will put the cuticle scissor in your checked bag. As even longer sharp tools are permissible to carry in the checked bag so they will wrap your cuticle scissors and put them in your checked bag.
  • They might take them back to your car.
  • They might hand it over to your relatives or friends, whoever came to see you off. Well, if you, later on, decide that you don’t want to take them with you, you can leave them with the people who came to see you off.
  • Lastly, they might ask you if you want to ship the cuticle scissors to your home or to your destination. This one is chosen very less. Because no one would want to pay $5 as a shipping charge just to ship the cuticle scissors.

Final Thoughts

Well, the rules of TSA are fair enough about the sharp tools. And as cuticle scissors are regular nail care tools so according to me, not allowing them would be a little unfair.

But as the cuticle scissors might turn out to be threatening to the safety of passengers, so allowing them without instructions and regulation is also not a wise decision.

However, as now you know that cuticle scissors are allowed on planes and you are also enlightened about the instructions, I hope you will follow them in your happy journey.

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