How to Clean Pumice Stone with Vinegar?

Vinegar here, vinegar there- you must have noticed, vinegar comes in almost all the articles involving cleaning.

From big to small, vinegar cleans almost everything. Even in cleaning pumice stone, you can use vinegar. But do you know how?

If not, then let’s take a look at how to clean pumice stones with vinegar.

How to Clean Pumice Stone with Vinegar?

Vinegar has the capability to become the cleaning agent for your pumice stones that you can use regularly.

To clean a pumice stone with vinegar all you have to do is soak the pumice stone in any type of vinegar and then scrub it well. You can also clean pumice stone by spraying undiluted vinegar on the surface of the stone. But it depends on the purpose of washing.

How to Clean Pumice Stone with Vinegar

Step-by-step Cleaning Method

As cleaning pumice stone is close to keeping yourself hygienic, it is very important to do it right. For your better understanding, I will be sharing a step-by-step cleaning method for pumice stones with vinegar.

1# Firstly, clean the excess dirt and dry skin from the pumice stone. You can simply use water to do this. For cleaning the visible big dirt, water is more than enough.

2# Now, if you’re intending to clean the stain from the pumice stone, you have to spray vinegar on it. Make sure to spray it thoroughly around the stained area. Then scrub the area carefully and get a stainless pumice stone.

3# And if you’re cleaning it after use, you can soak the pumice stone in vinegar for a few minutes. Then scrub the whole pumice stone properly. It will wash away the remaining dirt or little dry skin particles.

It will also kill off all the germs and bacteria from your pumice stone.

When you are scrubbing the pumice stone, you can use a clean brush to get into every pore.

Why Vinegar to Clean Pumice Stone?

Vinegar is an element that is so versatile that it can be used in many ways for many purposes. You can clean almost everything with vinegar. You would observe it killing germs and bacteria like magic!

Well, I already gave you a spoiler, let me tell you everything in detail now.

Yes, the first benefit of vinegar on pumice stone is its ability to kill germs and bacteria. Do you know how much bacteria are around our feet? The number is- HUGE.

So when you use a pumice stone on your feet, you get bacteria and germs on the tool. And if you do not do anything to kill the germs, in the next use it causes massive harm, like an infection to your skin.

And cleaning the pumice stone and killing the germs with vinegar will be the easiest way for you. The simple reasons are, first, it is effective. Second, it’s quick. Third, it’s right there in your kitchen!

So there is actually no reason to say “no” to vinegar when it comes to cleaning pumice stone if you don’t have any better options.

How to Dry Pumice Stone?

After cleaning, drying is a very important thing if you want to make the goodness of vinegar sustainable. You cannot keep the pumice stone wet or in a humid area. You should know, wet pumice stones are easier to welcome germs and bacteria.

Well, to dry pumice stone, you actually have to do nothing. You just have to let it get dry on its own. You just have to keep it in a less humid position and forget about it.

It is important that all of the moisture of pumice stone dries out as wetness welcomes bacteria and eventually causes infection on your skin.

However, I did say that vinegar is enough to clean your pumice stone and kill the bacteria. But after cleaning, when you keep it wet, thousands of other bacteria keep attacking it.

So it is recommended to dry the pumice stone after every wash and do it naturally.

How Often Should We Clean Pumice Stone with Vinegar?

Do it after every use. I mean why not! As in each use, the pumice stone is getting dirty, so after each use, it deserves to be cleaned properly.

I have mentioned very vividly the risks of unclean pumice stones. Additionally, I want to mention that cleaning pumice stone with only water is not enough as water can only wash away the visible dirt.

So it is recommended to clean the pumice stone with vinegar each time you use it. If you feel lazy doing it or in a hurry you can sometimes only clean it with water.

But, never ever use pumice stone without cleaning it properly with vinegar and drying it naturally. These two steps are mandatory to avoid getting an infection.

However, if you do not use pumice stones regularly, keep them wet, and only clean them with water after each use, then you must need to clean them at least every week. Because bacteria can breed on the pumice stone, and the least clean every week can stop it.

Do We Need to Sterilize Pumice Stone After Cleaning with Vinegar?

Simply, no. You do not need to sterilize the pumice stone after cleaning it with vinegar. Vinegar itself works as a sterilizing agent.

Vinegar kills the germs and keeps the pumice stone hygienic. So you can totally rely on vinegar in order to clean your pumice stone.

But if you want to sterilize the pumice stone, you can simply boil the pumice stone. Only 5 minutes of boiling can be enough to complete the sterilization process.

Boiling also kills germs and bacteria. Dry the pumice stone, in the same way, I mentioned earlier.

What Else Can Be Used to Clean Pumice Stone?

Just like vinegar, there are many more ingredients that you can use to clean pumice stone. Even though vinegar is one of the most common ingredients in your kitchen, sometimes it happens that you run out of it.

That is why, thinking of you, I am providing a few alternative ingredients. These can also be found in your kitchen and you can use them to clean your pumice stone.

Check out the list to know the benefits and how to use them.

  • Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is also a common ingredient in the kitchen. As lemon juice is acidic, it also works very well when it comes to killing germs. All you have to do is, soak the pumice stone in lemon juice and scrub it afterward.
  • Baking Powder: Another ingredient from the kitchen! Mix baking powder with water and let the pumice stone soak for an hour. Scrub it and get sparkly pumice stone!
  • Aluminum Foil: This one works on stubborn dirt of the pumice stone. After soaking the pumice stone in hot water, instead of scrubbing with a toothbrush, use aluminum foil and get the job done!
  • Dishwasher: This one is only for emergencies! Mix the dishwasher with water and soak the pumice stone. Scrub it and dry it.

After using any of the elements, make sure to dry them well. Do not use it before drying.

Final Thoughts

It seems like vinegar has done a Ph.D. in cleaning, right?

Now you know how to clean pumice stones with vinegar. So I hope you can see how easy and effective is vinegar on your pumice stone.

I hope the article could help you. Happy cleaning!

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