Is Pumice Stone Toxic?

Does it sound weird or wonderful that pumice stone comes from a chemical mixture but doesn’t contain any?

We all know what pumice stone is right? It’s a common object that is used in pedicures. Even though it is regularly used in salons, many people seem to have doubts about it. Many think pumice stone is toxic.

But is it really? Let’s figure out the answer to is pumice stone toxic. Read the article thoroughly to know more interesting facts about pumice stones.

Is Pumice Stone Toxic?

 No, pumice stone is not toxic. Till now, there has been no report found that says pumice stone caused damage. It does not have any chemicals in it and it is non-hazardous. It forms naturally and is safe to use.

Is Pumice Stone Toxic

How is Pumice Stone Formed?

Knowing how pumice stone forms will be helpful to be clear about the doubts. It is a very interesting process!

Pumice stone forms when the volcano erupts. I guess you feel both excited and alarmed, right? Because chemical weathering during volcano eruption is a very common thing. Which is also harmful to humans.

You must be wondering, “Then how is pumice stone not harmful?”. Let me take you on the journey.

Pumice stone comes from magma that contains huge amounts of silica or quartz. In the primary stage, it’s liquid, sticky and thick. When it starts to cool down it releases the toxic gases of the volcano and gets pores all over it.

Then it starts to cool down slowly, it hardens and becomes a light rock. The hard part also does not contain any harmful chemicals anymore. It becomes a soft abrasive media that is skin friendly.

Is Pumice Stone Good for Feet?

As you saw pumice stone is not a risk. So you can rely on pumice stone completely. And for foot care, it’s a gem!

The main problems that we deal with feet are getting calluses, dead skin cells and cracked heels, etc, right? Pumice stone is very effective in clearing all these.

Pumice stone’s a hard surface and hundreds of pores can clear all the dead skin cells from your feet and make your feet soft and smooth.

It also works really great with stubborn calluses. If you soak your feet in warm water for several minutes and rub them with a pumice stone, you will notice an instant result!

If you include exfoliating your feet regularly with pumice stone you can also get rid of cracked heels. As cracked heels occur when you get thick and dry skin or calluses, so when you keep removing those daily, you won’t get cracked heels anymore.

So, yeah! Pumice stone is effective and beneficial for feet.

Can Pumice Stone Be Harmful?

Well, pumice stones as an object are not harmful. But they can be harmful if you do not use them properly.

Pumice stone is used in the skin directly, it exfoliates the skin and rubs off the dead skin. And it’s only possible because of the uneven shape and pores of the pumice stone.

Normally when you gently use the stone on your skin, it does nothing but cleans your skin. But if you become aggressive with it, you’ll need to pay the cost. Having a naturally uneven shape, aggressive use can damage your skin and cause bleeding.

So you need to put light pressure on the pumice stone and move it in a circular motion to avoid this damage. Do not use a dry pumice stone. Do not use a pumice stone on dry skin. These can also increase the possibility of getting your skin damaged.

Even though pumice stone is non-toxic and non-hazardous, you can get an infection from it. Don’t worry it does not occur if you use the pumice stone correctly.

Make sure to keep the pumice stone clean and disinfected to avoid getting infections. You must clean the pumice stone thoroughly before and after use.

What Can Be Used Instead of Pumice Stone?

Pumice stone is the best natural product that has no internal side effects and works effectively on your heels. But there are more similar products that you can use for your foot care if needed.

Let’s check out some of them:

  • Loofah: This is one kind of exfoliator made of dried cylindrical fruit. It’s fibrous so it works well when you rub it on your dry skin.
  • Washcloth: Washcloth is effective on dry skin when it’s mild. Scrubbing the washcloth over the heels can remove dry skin.
  • Foot Scrub: There are many kinds of organic foot scrubs you can use. Scrubbing your feet in a circular motion with foot scrub makes your feet smooth by clearing the dead skin and also improves blood flow.
  • Heel File: It has a rough surface that works effectively on your heel and removes dry skin when you rub it well. Be patient when you use it.
  • Heel Smoother: This is a machine that you can trust to get soft and smooth feet instantly. It can be used regularly and it also helps to remove calluses.

However, if you ask me, I will recommend pumice stone over anything. As it’s natural and works effectively on both mild to stubborn dry skin, you can choose it with your eyes closed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, I will be adding some frequently asked questions so that none of your doubts about pumice stone stays behind. I want you to know everything before you decide to rely on pumice stone.

1# How often do we need to use pumice stone?

Ans: The “need” of using pumice stone depends on the condition of your feet. You can use them daily or once or twice a week. It is suggested to use it frequently to get smooth and soft feet all the time.

2# Can we use one pumice stone forever?

Ans: Well, it would be amazing if we could. But we cannot. As it’s a stone, you might think it doesn’t have an expiry date. But it can lose its effectiveness. As it is formed of silica, it wears out.

So when you’ll notice, your pumice stone is getting smaller and smoother, consider it has lost its effectiveness. In this case, you should get a new one.

3# How to disinfect pumice stones?

Ans: Boiling pumice stone in water for only 5 minutes is enough to disinfect it. However, for better results, you can clean it with vinegar. It will not only clean the pumice stone but it will disinfect it and make it shiny.

4# Can pumice stones be used anywhere else on the body?

Ans: Pumice stone’s usage does not stay limited to the feet. You can also use a pumice stone to get rid of your Strawberry legs. Just use the pumice stone with herbal soap on the skin that is affected, rub gently and get smooth legs.

Final Thoughts

as you know that pumice stone is not toxic, I hope your doubt about the pumice stone’s toxicity is gone now,

Pumice stone is a reliable, effective, and safe natural mineral that you can use regularly. Just maintain the instructions and get smooth and soft feet every day.

It can only harm you if you use it carelessly. So be cautious and use it safely.


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