What Are Foot Care Products? and How to Use Them?

Whether you are grossed by it or love the look of it, one thing is inevitable you need to put effort into maintaining the youthfulness of your feet. Our feet are more supportive of us than most of our partners.

Don’t you think we should put more love towards our strong soldiers?

Hell yes! And we are going to tell you how.

Here’s everything about Foot Care Products and how to properly use them to get the best bang for your buck.

What Are Foot Care Products

What are Foot Care Products?

Anything and everything can be a foot care product. Think about all the essential needs for our skin; feet are exactly the same. You will need a Foot Cream, lotion, scrub, peeling mask, remedies, and a good foot care toolbox.

A foot care toolbox will include clippers, filers, and a pumice stone to cut ingrown nails and rub off dead skins.

Why Buy All This Stuff?

Let me tell you the benefits of owning all these foot care products. Of course, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy them, but it’s nice to have just some dedicated products that will keep those footpad polish to the gods!

Reason #1: Let’s address the most common issue we all face from time to time. Dryness of the skin. You absolutely have to buy a Foot Lotion that has a hydrating ingredient and will provide protection from water loss.

Reason #2: You can eliminate cracked heels by incorporating a pumice stone in your bath routine to avoid uncomfortable heel pains and save you from embarrassment.

Reason #3: Fade any spots and discoloration using foot scrubbing tools. It will gently remove all the flaky skin on top and bring fresh, smooth skin.

Reason #4: Hate Calluses on the weirdest part of your feet? Solve it by purchasing an excellent chemical or physical exfoliant. They are heavy-duty and give instant results.

Reason #5: Combat fungal infections by taking preventative measures. Buy a separate bowl [to avoid contamination] and some good quality soap, preferably liquid, and soak those bad boys for a hot minute. This will kill the bacteria.

Reason #6: You’ve probably noticed that the more you wear less breathable shoes, the more your feet stink. Buying a good antibacterial spray/ deodorizer will resolve the lousy odor issues.

Okay, I bought it; now what?

Let’s run a scenario for a second. You went to the market. I bought all these unique cosmetics.

And foot care tools and create your Foot Remedy. And just like that, you woke up with swelling feet. And now you will never use those products or devices.

Happens to many of us. Heck, I even threw away my first nail clipper, thinking it gave me toe fungus. (Which it didn’t, I was wearing close-toed shoes on the beach, and some dirt got into my wet feet). So here are the correct ways to use those foot care products:

Foot Cream

Always clean your tootsies before applying a generous amount of Foot Creme. Let it enter the surface of the foot before strolling away to your daily activities. Cleaning will ensure no bacteria can breed in the moistness of the foot.

Foot Lotion

A lotion is more heavy-duty. People will often steer away from lotions due to the thickness and that sticky feeling. But rest assured, they will not feel overbearing if you use them before bed and wear a sock over them.

Foot Mask

Here, you have all the freedom to experiment with different ingredients, but it has to maintain the correct concentration. You should absolutely not mix acidic agents with more potent acids.

For example, Lime juice should be paired with honey. You cannot add vinegar or baking soda with lime juice, as it will escalate the mask to be more negatively reactive to the natural Ph of your foot skin (N.B: a small amount is acceptable to get rid of stubborn skin).

Foot Remedies

A remedy is used more so to relieve any pain. If you have sore feet, for example- do a 15-minute Epsom salt foot bath. There are tools in the market that supposedly make your soreness go away. They are totally useless.

Toe Filers/ Pumice Stone

There aren’t many ways to badly use this tool, but keep in mind to be gentle and put less pressure on your heels while scaling away those dead skin.

Remember, the objective is to scrape out the ‘bad skin’ and not damage the healthy and new skin.

Foot Tools

Tools are a waste of time and money. They are primarily a gimmick and, if not, do the opposite of what they should do. But- Not all tools are like that.

You will see nail clippers, foot filers, toe pliers, and various foot massage tools that stimulate the orifice of blood vessels and promote increased circulations. This increase in the blood flow will result in younger-looking skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best foot care product?

Soap and Water. That’s it. You can use a branded foot cleaning solution if you want. But nothing will kill more bacteria and clean dirt than your hand/body soap.

Q2: Where to look for the best Foot Cream?

Amazon.com has a great selection of foot creams. You can get the most reviewed product or personal recommendations from family and friends. As well as you can also buy vegan foot cream from amazon.com.

Q3: Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean my feet?

Yes, you can, If soap and water are not accessible. But do not use it frequently, as it will cause dryness and flaky skin conditions.

Q4: Even though I maintain a proper foot care routine but still get infections. Why?

This can happen due to a low immune system and not eating a healthy diet. A poorly ventilated shoe or the repeated habit of doing some task that lets the bacteria in. Consult a podiatrist if possible.

Q5: Best foot care products for pregnant people?

Many reports of pregnant women suffering from cracked heels and dryness. You can use gentle moisturizing creme that has no harmful chemicals and is vegan/cruelty-free. Any harsh chemicals should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

Foot care is just as essential as body care. The most common mistake people make is to spend tons and tons of money on foot care, but their feet look like corpse feet. It’s possible to assume that being a little attentive toward your feet will be a pleasant experience for you and your overall health.

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