Is a Foot Massager Good for Neuropathy?

Are you going through neuropathy at present? Neuropathy is the tingling, slight pain, or numbness you feel in your feet and even hands. And this happens when the outer nerves of your brain or spinal cord get damaged.

Now, those of you who know what I am talking about and are going through something like this, I know how desperate you might be to get some relief from this sensation! And while looking up solutions for this, you might have come across foot massagers as an option.

But is a foot massager good for neuropathy? How sure are you about this? Well, let me clear your doubts on that through this article!

Is a Foot Massager Good for Neuropathy?

Hey, it is all about science! You already know how your muscles get relaxed after a massage, right? Foot massagers actually reduce the vast amount of pressure on your nerves. So let me explain.

To answer your question, a foot massager is really good for neuropathy! When you use a foot massager for neuropathy, the nerves that cause the burning, numbness, or tingling sensation are unwinded. This relaxes both your feet and the nerves causing that uncomfortable sensation.

In addition, massages lead to the release of endorphins in your body, which can act as painkillers. Natural painkillers, how about that? And this further reduces the discomfort due to neuropathy. That is why a foot massager is a great device for helping with neuropathy!

Benefits of Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

There are several benefits of using a foot massager for reducing the pain, numbness, and discomfort due to neuropathy. Let me enlighten you with a few benefits.

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Firstly, a foot massager is a low-priced yet effective alternative compared to hiring someone for a massage. Secondly, using a foot massager definitely reduces stress and additionally enhances your mood, all of which are great for neuropathy.

Sometimes, the pain or burning sensation from neuropathy can lead to insomnia, so a foot massager can aid in comforting you and thus prevent insomnia. Moreover, your blood circulation should be smooth during neuropathy otherwise the pain gets worse. And a foot massager aids in enhancing the blood circulation in your feet.

Lastly, a very important benefit is that a foot massager allows you to continue your mobility while avoiding unnecessary stress on your body. Because too much stress is something you should avoid when you are undergoing neuropathy.

How long should you use a foot massager for Neuropathy?

Well, you should not be using a foot massager for neuropathy for too long. The maximum and best-suited duration of using a foot massager for neuropathy is 20 to 30 minutes. And keep in mind to use it a maximum of 3 times a day only.

If you are worried about accidentally overusing the foot massager, do not worry! The majority of the foot massagers for neuropathy have a timer set to shut off on its own when it reaches the required duration of the massage. You can of course adjust the timing if it is set too short or long.

Try your best not to overuse the foot massager as this may lead to harmful or damaging effects on neuropathy. Sometimes, you might get used to the massage over time so its influence might take longer to take place on you. The best solution is to simply follow the instructions on the manual of your foot massager.

What kind of foot massagers are recommended for Neuropathy?

First of all, let me clear this up, foot spas are not the best foot massagers! They are not the same thing or do not have the same effect, so don’t be confused! This is for all cases, and that includes neuropathy as well. Alright, now let us move on.

There are several foot massagers that can be useful for neuropathy, such as vibrating foot massagers, foot massagers with rollers, foot massagers that use heat, electrical muscular stimulation, and so on.

Focusing on foot massager rollers, no electrical devices are required for massaging your feet. These devices are wooden, affordable, and vastly effective! Many of these foot massagers have individual rollers precisely placed to touch both your feet’s pressure points.

This is highly recommended for neuropathy as it is portable and does not require plugging in. And running your foot on the rollers help loosen the stress in your foot. Moving on, foot warmers are another effective foot massagers that are recommended for neuropathy.

These massagers do not have rollers, but they emit heat and vibrations to de-stress and refresh your feet! They come with vibration and heat settings, of course, so you can adjust them as preferred. And the device automatically shuts down after around 15 to 20 minutes of use, so you do not have to worry about overusing it.

Who should not use a foot massager for Neuropathy?

Foot massagers for neuropathy are totally safe, but sometimes they might not be that useful for certain people with certain circumstances.

If you are pregnant, do not use a foot massager for neuropathy! Pregnant women can undergo various changes in their bodies. And sometimes, they might not be aware of some changes, like body temperature changes or even pain. In this situation, carelessly using a foot massager is definitely a no as this can lead to further damage or harm.

Furthermore, if you are someone with any kind of injury on your foot, again, a big no to using foot massagers for neuropathy! A sprain or strain injury might be considered in this case, but it is vastly not recommended for people with fractured bones. Trust me on this, the pain gets worse!

Simply put, you should be very careful and consider your situation before using a foot massager for neuropathy. For these kinds of situations, I suggest you talk to your doctor first before using one in case of neuropathy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Are there any harmful effects of using a foot massager?

Ans: You do not have to fret about anything! Using a foot massager does not have any harmful effects. It instead has many benefits! Just make sure to avoid using them during pregnancy or on injured feet, and you are good to go!

Q2# What not to do when using a foot massager?

Ans: Well, our feet are one of the sensitive parts of our body, so you should avoid going too fast when using foot massagers. Especially the ankle, which can be vastly sensitive. Begin using a foot massager gently and slowly at first and check how that feels on your feet. And do not ignore any kind of pain when using the massager, if you feel any then stop immediately! Because foot massagers are not supposed to make you feel any pain.

Final Thoughts

Was this article helpful to you? I am sure by now you must be convinced that a foot massager is actually good for neuropathy! Trust me when I say this, foot massagers are life changing for people experiencing neuropathy!

Using foot massagers vastly aid in loosening and relaxing the nerves on your feet. And this in turn can minimize the pain or burning sensation you might experience due to neuropathy.

So, for those who need that comfort badly, start using foot massagers without any worry! I hope this article helps you find your comfort and turn you into a new person!

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