What is EEE in Shoe Size?

“Good shoes take you to good places”- What do you think are the qualities of a good pair of shoes?

Of course, only trendy styles cannot make shoes good shoes. Shoes also need to have a perfect fit and be comfortable.

This is why there are many fit sizes measured by the length and width of feet. EEE is one of the sizes. Let’s find out what is EEE in shoe size.

What is EEE in Shoe Size?

EEE in shoe size basically means width fitting extra wide. It is also short for an extra wide fit or triple wide. This shoe size is the widest fitting of all. EEE shoe size is extra wide for both men and women.

This measurement of shoe size is measured by the width of the feet.

How Wide is the EEE Size?

Usually, for an average shoe, the width range for EEE size is around 3.3 to 5.4 inches. However, the width of shoes depends on the shoe length, gender as well as the wearer’s shoe type as well.

For instance, the EEE size in boots for men is 4.2 inches for a shoe size 7. The width keeps increasing as the shoe size increases. It may increase by .1cm per .5inches. And the width keeps decreasing as the shoe size decreases.

Then if we look at the heels for women with 7-size shoes, then we can observe that the heels’ width is around 9.8cm. Same as men’s shoes the width increases and decreases with the size of the shoes.

How to Measure If You Have an EEE Shoe Size?

Measuring shoe size is pretty easy if you have the shoe size chart with you. To measure feet for shoes that have EEE size, you need to know the width of your feet.

Measure your feet’ length using a ruler or measuring tape. Start measuring your feet from your heels to the longest toenail. And for the width of the feet, you need to measure the widest part of the feet.

Once you get the width measured, see if it is wider than 3.3 inches. If the width crosses 3.3 inches, your shoe size would be EEE.

This measuring system is applicable to both men and women. But make sure to match your feet size with the right male or female shoe size chart.

Importance of Knowing Whether Your Feet is EEE Wide

I think you can agree with me on comfort and the right fitting are very important for the perfect shoe.

Even though there are different sizes of feet all over the world, categorical shoe sizes mostly fit well. However, some people with extra large feet suffer to find the perfect feet.

Not knowing the correct shoe size mostly resists us from finding the desired fit. And knowing only the size based on the feet length is not enough.

As the EEE shoe size is the widest size, less than the EEE size, shoes don’t fit. It makes the wearer feel uncomfortable. This is why, for a perfect fit, it is important for you to know whether your feet are EEE wide or not.

Does EEE Shoe Size Depend on Height or Weight?

Well, the size of your shoes mostly depends on your height. But it may depend on your weight as well.

If you are a tall man or woman who wears shoe size crosses the size 7, then EEE shoe width might match your feet. As with the height, shoe length increases. And along with the shoe length, shoe width increases.

However, due to being overweight, people who are plus-sized but not so much tall, require EEE-size shoes. Due to the fat of the feet, the feet become wider and feet require EEE size shoes.

Final Thoughts

So basically EEE in shoe size is the extra wide size of the shoes. It is measured by the width of one’s feet. For getting a better-fitting shoe you must know the size of your feet. It ensures the feet comfort you deserve. As the size differs from wearer to wearer, make sure to measure your feet correctly and match them with the chart.

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