What is Spa Slipper?

If you are here to know what is spa slipper, you are in the right place!

Spa slippers are one of the most essential parts of the salon spa experience. They are comfortable and made with breathable material.

It comes in various colors, and the heel portion is usually customizable. But everyone mostly prefers flats. The main attraction of these slippers is that they are washable and can be easily disposed of after they are damaged.

What is Spa Slippers? I hear you ask. Well. We are about to find out!

What is Spa Slipper

What is Spa Slipper?

Spa slippers are a type of shoe that is lightweight, breathable, and can be worn 5-8 times before washing like a regular piece of clothing.

If we were to describe the material of the slippers, we could compare the material to a towel. Because usually, they are made with a similar approach.

Types of Spa Slippers

Mainly 3 types of spa slipper available in the current market. They are like as below:

1. Open Toe Slippers

The toe area on the slippers are fully exposed so bacteria can stay out, and the rest of the feet will be covered and provide maximum protection from external dirt.

2. Adjustable/Velcro Slippers

Anyone with wider feet can feel the most comfortable in these slippers. They are flexible and customizable according to the size of the foot.

3. Closed Toe Slippers

As the name suggests, the toe area or the entire foot is covered to provide warmth and is typically used by people just lounging before or after foot treatment.

Benefits of wearing Spa Slippers

Benefit #1 They are the perfect pair to put your feet in after getting your manicure done in a spa salon.

Benefit #2 It soaks water very quickly; that’s why they are given in hotel bathrooms, so customers don’t slip and fall after having a shower.

Benefit #3 The slippers are unisex, slip resistant, and cleanable so that you can wear them in the house, bathroom, or bedroom and give them to guests if they ever forget their house slippers.

Benefit #4 I would not recommend wearing them outside as they will get dirty fast, but you can also wear them over your regular shoes. The shoes can be thrown away pretty quickly.

Benefit #5 Wearing spa slippers can benefit you if you have irritative skin and are prone to fungal infection.

Benefit #6 They can also prevent toenail infection and athletes’ foot type conditions. Due to the throwing away the slippers as they would not hold bacteria.

How to use Spa Slippers (and not make them gross)

The main goal of spa slippers, or any slippers, is to keep the wearer safe. There is no correct way of wearing spa slippers.

You slide your feet into them, and that’s it. There are some things to keep in mind when wearing your slippers:

  1. Dry feet are preferred when wearing a pair of slippers, to prevent bacterial growth.
  2. Be sure only to use non-slip slippers to prevent accidental concussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Should I take the slippers from hotels or spas? 

Ans: Absolutely, you can. They are meant for you. If you don’t take them, they will be replaced by a new pair, and that’s very wasteful.

Q2: What is the best material to look for in Spa Slippers?

Ans: It depends on your need and preference. If you want quick, flimsy, disposable ones, go for a light towel material. Look into the wool ones if you want something good quality and luxurious.

Q3: How often should I wash them?

Ans: Washing them weekly should be fine. But it’s best to just throw them away after using them for 1-2 weeks ( the towel material ones).

Q4: What about the pricing? Should I buy cheap or expensive?

Ans: One of the great things about Spa Slippers is that they are incredibly cheap and have that bulk pricing. You can get them for free most of the time or ask one of your friends and family who frequently goes to hotels to save one for you.

If you want longevity, then invest in the expensive ones. Otherwise no need.

Q5:  What are these Acorn Spa Slippers?

Ans: The company Acorn was established in Maine, USA. It is selling spa slippers that are exposed to, fuzzy and washable.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a fun fact for the day. Spa slippers are one the most taken items from hotels, spas, and other places that provide these for free.

They are very easy to mass produce and less expensive, so don’t feel guilty taking them.

Hope, now, you know the answer of what is spa slipper.

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