What is the Most Attractive Foot Type?

Ever wondered what makes a foot attractive? Let’s address the elephant in the room before describing what makes a foot attractive.   

There are people in this world who find feet gratifying. But this article is not about that. It will be more of a myth-busting for superior foot genes!

Roman vs. Egyptian, or someone else entirely?  Let’s put that debate to the rest and find out right now. 

A little disclaimer: Do not go and change the look of your feet just because this article has crowned some other type of feet as the most attractive than yours. Your feet are perfect just the way they are!

What is the Most Attractive Foot Type

What Makes a Foot Attractive?

More than human perception, there is actually a scientific study on what made which feet beautiful. Generally people who have a symmetrical-looking, smooth and even toned foot that has a middle arch was voted the best looking foot. 

Now the question remains…

Is it only dictated by our genes, or some external simulation is at play?

How Many Types of Feet Are There? 

There is no definite answer to this. Just like an individual, every foot is different. But some evolutionary biologists have classified five types of feet in modern society. They are: 

1# Roman

The Roman feet consist of the first two toes at the same length as the big toe. It looks like three tall buildings are slowly ascending to the smaller ones. They have a normal Arch and can be a little stubby. 

2# Egyptian

The toes on an Egyptian foot all go down in descending order. The big toe is the biggest, and the rest of the toes are a quarter inch shorter than the first one. 

All very symmetrical and pleasing to the eyes. The structure is a tad bit boney and with a flat arch. 

3# Celtic

A Celtic foot is slightly over the place. ( No offense). They usually start, and then the middle toes are shorter than the rest of the toes. The structure of the feet is hefty and has a central arch. 

4# Greek

If we were to draw a line over the toes, it would come out as a triangle. The Greek foot has a longer 2nd toe compared to the big toe, which is right next to it. The rest of the toes go in descending order. 

5# Germanic

Germanic feet are some of the most symmetrical feet in today’s society. Only the big toe is long, while the rest are small and similar to each other’s height. Even the tiny pinky toes match with the second toe. 

Let’s Look at Some Weird Facts about Foot:

Fact #1  There is a foot shape called a peasant’s foot, where the first three toes are the same height. These people are more likely to be financially well off than the rest. 

Fact #2 In a 2019 study, Meghan Markle was the proud holder of the most beautiful foot. Emma Watson came out second. 

Fact #3 The first man to ever walk on the moon left a big footprint on its surface, but unfortunately, the print has now been dissolved due to the climate changes on the moon. 

Fact #4 The people with the most toe fractures are usually construction workers. Contrary to popular belief, which is ballerinas. 

Fact #5  Around 75% of the male population in America finds a woman’s feet attractive. This is caused by the phenomenon known as Podophilia. 

Fact #6 A person’s both feet are never the same size. Some could be shorter than others, or there could be an arch difference depending on how much pressure you put on your heels and the tip of your foot

Fact #7 You can tell a person’s personality by looking at their feet. Studies have shown that a person with a high arch on the feet is most likely to be practical and intelligent. 

Back to The Debate (Who wins): 

The debate gets even more complicated as we include the overall appearance of the feet. We have previously established that symmetrical feet are a desirable selection. But we also have said that high arched feet signify superiority, which does not lay flat on the floor. 

So our top contenders will be, you guessed it: the Egyptians and the Romans. 

Just by the looks and aesthetics, Egyptian feet are better than Romans. But the Romans have also shown many signs of intelligence. So do we cut them out? 

That answer is up to you. 

What Story Do Your Feet Tell?

There is a big chance that the five types of feet we discussed will be one of yours. 

There is scientific evidence that Greek and Celtic feet are more susceptible to various foot conditions. 

As we grow older, The heels on our feet get tarnished rapidly. If your feet stay normal on the surface, you are less likely to suffer foot pain

Even though our body adjusts as we age, some foot problems could be avoided by good body posture and proper walking habits. 

Final Thoughts

All feet are beautiful as long as they are clean and maintained beautifully. A monthly pedicure, either at home or salon, is crucial to maintain the youthfulness and attractiveness of your feet. Similarly, good hygiene practices are also essential to achieving an attractive foot.

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