Can I Use Body Lotion On My Feet? Update Info in 2023

Are you struggling with cracked dry feet even in summer? Are you unable to show off your colorful slippers/heels due to it? Well, we’re in the same boat! I know how irritating it can be. I’ve dug down the entire matter and found out the actual reason behind it.

Well, the one solution that has been my savior is applying body lotion religiously!Yes you’ve heard me right! That’s why our article can I use body lotion on my feet? can be a jaw-dropper for you as it discusses how it replaces an extra costing-foot cream.

So, if you’re having cracked dry feet and you’re confused about which foot lotion you should purchase. I recommend that you put your confusion to an end and let your body lotion do the magic and transform your flaky feet into smooth butter ones!

Can I Use Body Lotion On My Feet?

Absolutely, you can use body lotion on your feet! Dermatologists recommend that olive oil, avocado oil, or shea butter, which are all essential fatty acids to lock moisture, are used in more or less every body lotion.

Moreover, body lotion has glycerin and ceramides that help in giving the body extra moisture. Body lotion allows your lower surface layer to improve better and results in smooth buttery skin.

However, if you already have additional skin issues and the doctor has recommended you to use a specific foot lotion abide by that.

What is the Difference Between Foot Lotion and Body Lotion?

 Our whole body skin is not similar in all places. And each of them requires different care. The same goes for our hands and feet too compared to other parts of the body. This foot lotion is made specifically for feet. But the basic differences between foot and body lotion is-

  • Thickness: The skin of our feet is rough and thicker than the rest of the skin of our body. Thus foot creams are filled with many properties which make them thicker in comparison to body lotion.
  • Absorption- As the skin under the feet needs a thicker moisturizer that’s why lotions are built in a way that takes more time to absorb into the skin. A thicker moisturizer for feet matches the nature of the skin.

How to Use Body Lotion on Feet?

Be it mild or severe dry feet both look bad and create a painful condition on the other hand. Either way, regular moisturizing can be the solution.

Coming out from these cracked dry feet can not only escalate our comfort but also will let us show off our fancy footwear with confidence.

Another point in consideration is if you’ve diabetes, a small crack can become a large issue. I can relate as my dad has been suffering for years but following the down below steps has given him relief.

  • Soak your feet-Firstly, take a lukewarm bowl and add your favorite shampoo or any body wash you have. Soak your legs in that lukewarm water and let your feet completely soak in it.
  • Exfoliate your feet- Take a loofah or a foot scrubber and clean away the dead skin by scrubbing. Do not use great pressure rather do it gently.
  • Apply body lotion- Right after the exfoliation applying any body lotion can help the skin to lock in moisture. It’s not obligatory to invest in an expensive moisturizer rather look for simpler natural ingredients.
  • Wear a pair of socks- Just before going to bed apply a thicker coat of moisturizer on your feet and wear an old pair of socks. That’ll do the magic overnight! But don’t forget to clean your feet in the morning.
  • Repeat-The only way to get smooth buttery feet is to be consistent. Apply body lotion on your feet daily twice at least.

Benefits of Using Body Lotion on Feet

  • Moisturized Your Feet:

Any body lotion with hydrating and nourishing properties moisturizes your feet. It locks the moisture on your feet and creates an extra layer. That refrains from getting cracked and makes you feel soft.

  • Big Quantity:

Foot creams come in less ml so you’ve to purchase them multiple times. But that’s not the case for body lotion. It comes in bigger quantities and a single one goes for a longer period.

  • Good Smell:

Our feet are neglected and body spray is not sprayed on our feet but body lotion can become our savior and turn the bad smell of feet into a good one. As it has more or less fragrance in it.

  • Adds Relaxation:

No need to spend a big chunk of money every month on a parlor for foot massage. Rather, taking your body lotion and applying it after exfoliating regularly can boost blood circulation and give you relaxation too.

  • Saves Money:

When a simple natural ingredient body lotion can do multiple jobs, why invest in different creams? Comparatively, these foot creams cost more too. Just apply a coat of moisturizer and add vaseline to it.

Other Ways to Moisturize Your Feet

If you don’t trust chemical creams or moisturizers, but rather want to rely on natural remedies. Don’t be hopeless as I’ve got your back once again. The steps down below are my personal favorite. Check them out-

  • Banana pack with honey

Banana is known as a savior when it comes to natural remedies. Take one banana and add a tablespoon of honey and make a paste. Apply the thick paste and wash it off after 15 minutes. After washing, take the banana peel and exfoliate with that. Do this at least twice a week for better results.

  • Lemon Juice

Take a bowl of lukewarm and soak your feet in it. Let the lukewarm soften your dry cracked heels and take a portion of lemon and squeeze it onto the feet. Through the help of lemon scrub and massage for at least 5-7 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and voila!

  • Aloe Vera

If you’re a plant of aloe vera you’re already one step ahead in the game. As aloe vera is known as the master of natural remedies. It has vitamin A, E, and C which allows your feet to moisturize. Just after cleaning your feet take aloe vera gel and let it dry then clean it. Do it regularly and see positive results within a week.

Note: Foot lotion and foot mask are not similar product. If you are interested to know foot peeling mask, read this article.


We all are victims of cracked and dry feet but let’s, not the marketing companies fool us by selling their expensive foot creams. When body lotion can easily do the job, why spend money or time purchasing other products?

From ancient times the problems related to feet have been prevailing. Besides chemical lotion, other natural ingredients are there which just takes a bit more time to show positive results!

But, we want hassle-free procedures for which, today, our article has demonstrated Can I Use Body Lotion On My Feet?

Say bye bye to cracked heels!

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