Ems Foot Massager Side Effects [Everything You Need to Know]

You are probably familiar with pain relief products if you experience foot problems on a daily basis, such as leg pain, blood flow problems, or any combination of the three.

Want to know a secret but a totally mind blowing fact?

Not only foot problems but numerous health issues can be greatly reduced by foot massages!

This is because it regulates the circulation of blood and oxygen to various regions of the feet. The pain in your feet that you were originally experiencing will all be eradicated, and then you will feel rejuvenated.

However, you have come to the perfect place if you have questions specifically concerning EMS foot massagers. To find out more about EMS therapy and all the EMS Foot Massager Side Effects, continue reading!

Ems Foot Massager Side Effects

For those who work in offices and those who want to relax at home while receiving a soothing massage, the EMS foot massager is perfect. The EMS foot massagers have made it convenient for people to read, browse the internet, watch TV, or engage in other activities, as they come in many shapes and sizes.

However, there are some side effects to using an Ems Foot Massager.

01# Flu-like Symptoms

 As a result of the detoxifying effects of the EMS foot massager on your body, you may have a few flu-like symptoms that will pass in two days. Seek medical assistance if the condition does not get better after a few days.

02# Extreme Tiredness

After a foot massage, some people may experience fatigue, which could be accompanied by a minor headache. But not to worry! After a while, the tiredness will pass, and you will start feeling better in a matter of a few minutes.

03# Foot Inflammation and Soreness

 Just like tiredness, foot inflammation and soreness only last for a short time. It can also be resolved by going for a brief walk or by soaking your feet in warm water. So make sure not to be alarmed!

04# Minor rashes on the skin in the feet area

 Seek medical attention if the side effects do not disappear after two days since they might indicate some serious underlying problems. Drink plenty of fruit juice and water to keep yourself hydrated since this will assist you in getting rid of the side effects.

05# Minor Electric Shock Sensations

 While most electric massagers are properly sealed with batteries or cables secured by plastic or rubber lids, keep an eye out for exposed electrical cables.

Like with any electrical items, metal wiring shock can take place, particularly if you have been in contact with water. Therefore, never attempt to operate an electric massager in a bathtub, shower, or swimming pool.

Always be cautious when it comes to water and electrical appliances!

Iѕ Thе Electric Foot Mаѕѕаgеr Safe to Use?

Yes, as long as you use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, they are typically regarded to be safe to use. Your feet will undoubtedly thrive from a routine massage, much like your shoulders, neck, and back.

As mentioned above, EMS foot massages enhance circulation, relax muscles, decrease stress, and overall helps relieve pain and anxiety. So, your body will technically thank you after a session of using the EMS foot massager!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1# What Does EMS Feel Like?

Ans: Although an involuntary muscular contraction may sound uncomfortable, that is simply not the case! The EMS foot massager is intended to feel enjoyable and give pleasure that resembles a massage. It has settings that are meant to invoke feelings of getting massaged, rolled, rubbed, squeezed, and other similar sensations.

Q2# How Often Can I Use an EMS Foot Massager?

Ans: It is advised to use an EMS foot massager for 20 to 30 minute periods at a time. According to your requirements and level of comfort, you can use the item several times per day. However, if you have any additional queries or worries, speak with your recommended healthcare professional.

Q3# What Can EMS be Used for?

Ans: People use the EMS foot massagers so multiple reasons with some of them including arthritis, tendinitis, poor blood circulation in the feet or legs, bursitis, problems using or being active with one’s legs for an extended period, minor injuries, arch pain, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other parts of our body, our feet go through a lot, without a doubt. Nevertheless, they are also what we choose to neglect on a daily basis. However, with time it is bound to take a toll on your feet.

EMS Foot Massagers are the most convenient type of foot massagers out there. It not only deals with all sorts of foot problems but also relaxes your muscles and aids in blood flow. Note: foot massager works actually depends on foot type.

However, using the EMS foot massagers comes with some side effects as well as benefits. You are bound to know it all before using one! As a result, we present to you a thorough discussion about the EMS Foot Massager Side Effects and everything about it that you need to know!

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  1. Mine worked 2 time them quit it come on then goes off in about 5 seconds
    I am not happy with My feet are killing me I thought it would help now I will never know

  2. I tried my dad’s ems unit, first one level 1, 2,3 and then 8, and 10. It sent pulsation through my body for about five minutes, then I quit the machine. That night and the next day I had headache, circular rimmed light flashes in my left eye, (my cataract surgery eye), and hughly intensified ringing in my ears. The unit instruction sheet said it would stay on for a period of 15 minutes and the highest level was 19 pulsation. WOW! … Be advised and be careful and cautious of the levels and strength of the pulsation as well as the length of time to use the machine. There should be some better information of the usage of this machine mat, as it can result into some intense after side effects.


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