How Long Do Wool Socks Last?

Wool socks accompany us like best friends throughout the cold seasons. I also have a few pairs that are my most favorite! I bet you have them too!

But do you wonder how long do wool socks last? You know, knowing an object’s lifespan can make us take proper care of them! Also, we can make them last longer if we become more careful.

So let’s figure out how long do wool socks last and how to make them last longer!

How Long Do Wool Socks Last?

The exact time of wool socks’ life span is hard to tell. It depends on how often you wear them, how you wear them and how you wash them.

But as an average assumption, wool socks can last for three to six months if you wear them around 2 to 3 days weekly. Wearing them less than that can even make them last for a year!

How Long Do Wool Socks Last

What Can Make Them Last Longer?

 If you wear the socks properly, maintain the wearing period and wash them carefully and correctly, you can make the wool socks last longer.

Wearing wool socks occasionally also can make them last longer. The less you wear them, the more they will last.

Wool socks are skin warming, which is why it’s mostly used in cold weather. So whenever you’re deciding to wear them on a regular basis in cold weather, make sure you have 2 or 3 more pairs ready. If you wear the socks in turns keeping them as a cycle, you can make them last longer.

The most important way that can make your wool socks last longer is the washing technique. Wool needs proper care and the right way of washing can make the wool socks last longer in a good condition.

Right Way of Washing Wool Socks

 Do you wash the wool socks in the right way? If not, then you’ll be thankful after knowing how to.

Before starting to wash your wool socks, you should know the type of wool socks you have. There can be two types that need to be washed in two types.

Superwash and virgin wools are the two types of wool socks you’ll find in the market. Superwash has the capability of taking the pressure of machine wash and machine dryer. Whereas virgin wool needs to be washed gently with hands and dried in natural air.

You can look at the label to find out if your socks are superwash ones. If they are superwash ones, you can wash them in the machine with lukewarm water and regular detergent. But make sure to wash them in delicate mode.

Remember: the water and the drying air should not be hot.

If not superwash, wash the socks gently with your hands. Use mild soap or homemade wool soap and wash by dabbing with your hands. Soak the socks in lukewarm water for a better wash.

Make sure not to twist them to drain water. It affects the shape and stretches the socks. Instead, use towels to absorb the water. Dry the hand-washed socks in naturally blowing air.

Tips: If you are interested to know which socks are good to wear with clog, then this article may help you.

 What Makes Wool Socks Damage Faster?

 Now let’s see how the wool socks can be damaged faster. Knowing these will help us to protect them and prevent damage.

  1. Incorrectly washing the wool socks: Washing the wool socks incorrectly causes the damages most. It ends up making the socks unwearable.
  2. Bleaching the wool socks: Bleaching is very harmful to wool socks. It is strictly forbidden to use chlorine bleach on wool socks.
  3. Using unsuitable soap damages wool socks: Wool socks are very sensitive so they require gentle soap. If you wash them in rough soaps instead of gentle/mild soaps, they lose softness and get damaged.
  4. Using much heat to wash and dry wool socks: High temperature causes extreme damage to the wool socks. It is never appropriate to use hot water to wash them or hot air to dry them.
  5. Rough activities can also damage wool socks: When you do things that cause much friction between your socks and shoes or socks and floor, they get damaged.
  6. Wearing them regularly: If you wear wool socks for more than 3 to 4 days, the dirt and constant friction damage them. So keep gaps and turns.

When Can You Know the Wool Socks Will Not Last Anymore?

Even though an assumed duration of wool socks lasting is provided above, you can still be confused about when to throw them out.

You know, damaged wool socks can be unhygienic and harmful to the feet. So when you notice some of the damaging signs I mentioned below, you are suggested to stop using wool socks.

Firstly, if you see defects like holes or loose threads, it tends to get bigger day by day. So when you notice these in your sock you can assume that you can wear them for a short time.

Secondly, you might feel uncomfortable or rough touch when you put your socks on after some days of regular use. That time you can somewhat assume that the socks are losing their softness which means they are damaging.

Lastly, losing its shape and getting extremely loose can also mean that the socks are not good enough to wear.

If my given duration of the lasting period gets over and you still don’t see any of the signs mentioned above, congratulations! You can use them for more days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1# How often can I wash my wool socks?

Ans: After you wear wool socks for straight 2 to 3 days or more, you can wash your wool socks. Don’t wash them every day. Follow the proper process of washing them.

 Q2# How long can I soak my wool socks?

Ans: It is better to soak them in water for around 10 minutes. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to soak them.

Q3# How can I make my wool socks last longer?

Ans: Use and wash the wool socks properly. Take proper care. Do not bleach. Use them occasionally or by taking turns.

Q4# how long do walking socks last?

Ans: Well, it’s depends on your uses. If you take care properly of your socks, then it will last long more than enough. So, you should know the perfect way to maintain your socks for a longevity.

Note: Learn how often to wash wool socks including other socks & darn tough socks too. Learn how to dry wool socks. So, then you can understand that is the best way of long life span of your socks.


 I bet you’ve been looking for the answer to how long do wool socks last so that you can make them last longer!

The processes above made my socks last longer as well. So I hope now you can make your wool socks last longer too.

Good luck! Be woolly warm.

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