9 Best Electric Foot Files

As important as your face and hands are, so are your feet. Getting your hands on the most efficient electric foot file is a smart point to start from.

Why spend more to get your feet polished at a spa if you could purchase your very own electronic foot file for around the same price as a single professional pedicure?

Your feet won’t get dry, cracked, or damaged thanks to foot files. Additionally, they immediately smooth out coarse feet and cracked heels to offer you soft feet in a short amount of time.

As a result, we bring you a list of the 9 Best Electric Foot Files to choose from that will wow you with their capabilities!

What You Should Look for in Electric Foot Files Before Purchasing

 You can pick from a variety of electric foot pedicure options for usage at home. If you intend to get one, you must have a very clear concept of the characteristics you want in an electric foot file.

Thus, here is a list of important factors to take into account when looking for electric foot pedicure tools:

  • Portability: The portability of every electric foot pedicure package is a given, but you also need to take into account the advantages this portability offers. Can it be recharged? If so, how long does the battery system last that is included in the electric pedicure sets?
  • The design: Design is crucial. Higher efficiency and comfort result from smart designs. Your objectives and how well it suits your body will determine the design or features you choose.
  • Roller Head Feature: Each electric foot file is equipped with rollers for removing resistant dead and dry skin. Try to look for a design with a wider foot file. To get rid of the dead skin more quickly, the wider foot file will cover a larger area of your feet.
  • Cord Type: Electric foot files come in two varieties: corded and cordless. Although fairly powerful, corded applicators are not ideal for using it outside. Although corded variants are more efficient, cordless devices are more powerful, compact, and user-friendly.
  • Water Resistance: Electric foot files that are waterproof and durable work without difficulty when it’s damp. They are safe to use on wet feet with no risk of injury. However, keep in mind that corded devices should not be used in tubs or pools because they are not waterproof.
  • Ease of Use: Make sure the foot file is ergonomically designed. It must be simple to handle and control. Always make sure to dry your hands to prevent the device from slipping.
  • Speed Adjustability: Adjustable speed is not a feature that all electric foot files have. However, e Effective removal of dry and flaky skin is possible at various speeds. To minimize uneasiness, the best electric foot files let you move the roller along at a steady pace.
  • Brand: After looking at all the aforementioned qualities, you may want to take into account the reliability of the company that manufactures electric foot files. There are numerous competitors on the market, and some of them don’t produce high-quality goods.

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9 Best Electric Foot Files

1# PRITECH Electronic Foot File Pedicure Tools


  • Rechargeable with long battery life
  • Easy to replace roller heads
  • Cordless
  • Two speeds

A quick and portable package for foot care and callus removal is the PRITECH Electronic Foot File.

This effective foot treatment equipment is plug-and-use compatible. Simply use the included adaptor charger to recharge the wireless electric foot file’s battery for two to three hours. Additionally, the PRITECH battery has a 45-minute operating time!

Not to mention, the device’s entire body is waterproof!

It has a straightforward design that is versatile in humid settings. Additionally, the electric foot scrubber can assist ease foot discomfort and maintain the health of your feet by successfully eradicating bacteria that were forming in the cracks.

And don’t worry, the PRITECH Electronic Foot File has two speed adjustments and is strong, secure, and quick. Additionally, there are three different kinds of rollers with various levels of roughness that can be used on various forms of calluses and dead skin.

You can use the electric foot scrubber after a bath.

The softer calluses are then considerably safer and easy to manage.

2#  Elmchee 3 Grinding Heads Waterproof Foot File


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Two Speed adjustment
  • Three Types of Grinding Head Available

With the help of this electric foot scrub, you can have gorgeous feet and the perfect, smooth heels by removing dead skin and calluses.

There are two speeds for the Elmchee Foot File; 1700 x/min for moderate speed and 2000 x/min for high speed. If the speed becomes too extreme, the device will immediately shut off, protecting your healthy skin from harm.

The device also features a long-lasting rechargeable battery and an LED power indicator. It can run consistently and effectively for roughly ninety minutes after a three-hour USB charge.

Elmchee Foot File can be used both wet and dry. This professional pedicure tool has a waterproof exterior, allowing the user to wash their entire body below running water. Additionally, you can clean the equipment after usage by washing it with water.

Three alternative quartz replacement grinding heads are also included. The fine grinding head is suitable for everyday maintenance, while the rough and medium grinding heads can exfoliate tough dead skin. You can select an appropriate grinding head based on your skincare needs!

3# Geopu Portable Electronic Foot File


  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Three Types of Roller Heads
  • Waterproof

Your skincare regimen should definitely include scrubbing your feet to remove dead skin. Foot files are designed to make this procedure easier and give your feet a polished appearance.

The Geopu Electronic Foot File package features two rejuvenating foot scrubbers, an electrical callouses remover with a charger cord, three replaceable roller heads, and a cleaning brush.

It is one of the best professional electric foot files made to meet your different needs.

With its three separate roller heads, the Geopu Electronic Foot File creates an at-home pedicure boutique with spa-like luxuries.

The rough roller head can be used to remove thick calluses and resistant dead skin from the feet. For fresh flaky skin and calluses on your foot, use the standard roller head. In order to keep your feet softer, the fine roller head is appropriate for everyday foot skin care.

The highly efficient grinding head is another feature of the Geopu Electronic Foot File. Dead skin is immediately removed by the grinding head’s 360° rotation.

4# Dongxw 15 in 1 Rechargeable Electronic Foot File


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable Roller Heads
  • Speed Adjustable

The Dongxw Electronic Foot File uses automatic power adaptable design to safeguard the health of your foot skin.

Your feet will seem fresh, soft, bright, and appealing. This is all thanks to the effective removal of tough flaky and rough skin by the strong 360° rotating roller heads that automatically perform at high speed.

Moreover, for regular foot care and problematic cracked calluses, the electric pedicure foot file comes with two interchangeable roller heads with varying degrees of roughness.

So, feel free to enjoy a spa-like day right at your home with this electric pedicure foot file.

Due to the Dongxw electronic foot file’s IPX7 waterproof certification, the entire equipment can be cleaned or washed with water. You can also use it confidently as a result, even in the restroom.

Additionally, it is portable and convenient, making it ideal for business and vacation visits. Plus, a 100-minute-long rechargeable battery is included inside the Dongxw electronic foot file.

Overall, because the electric foot file has a LED indicator light, you won’t be missing any dry, flaky skin even when using it in dimly lit settings.

5# Zikillya Rechargeable 16 in 1 Foot File


  • Two Speed Adjustable
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Removeable and Washable Roller Heads

The Zikillya Foot File quickly and simply eliminates pain brought on by blisters and tough, flaky, dead skin. It quickly enables you to have lovely, supple, and healthy legs.

This pedicure supply set is constructed from premium ABS and Stainless Steel materials. It comes with a callus scraper, delicate file, professionally designed foot file, cuticle fork, electronic pedicure device, and other tools.

So, with this foot scrubber for dead skin, you already have a full set to suit all of your requirements, so there is no need to purchase more tools.

Additionally, the Zikillya Foot File comes with three different types of removable roller heads, all of which have several functions and are certain to satisfy different preferences.

It has two speed adjustments as well. For everyday maintenance or skin with fewer calluses, the low speed is ideal. On the other hand, feet with thick calluses or more dead skin should use the high speed.

6# IWEEL Electric Foot File


  • Five Types of Roller Heads
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Two Speed Adjustable

Calluses are swiftly removed using the IWEEL Electric Foot File.

It safely and effectively eliminates the rough, hard skin on your feet, leaving you with soft legs whenever and wherever you need them. IWEEL Electric Foot File is the best pedicure equipment for at-home foot spas and for maintaining your regular foot care regimen.

Overall, it contains five different kinds of roller heads. In this kit, there are two wide roller heads, two standard roller heads, and one delicate roller head.

You can meet all your callus removal needs with this electric foot scrubber.

For speedy results on calloused, tough skin, the IWEEL Electric Foot File also contains a reusable coarse roller head that rotates 360 degrees. With this equipment, you can give your feet a spa-style pedicure while relaxing in your own home.

Additionally, they have two speeds with a single button. The low speed is ideal for far more sensitive skin and calloused hands. Whereas, dead skin and stiff, resistant calluses are best handled at high speeds. You are free to decide on the pace you require!

7# FOOT CURE Electronic Foot File


  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Three Types of Roller Heads

With this effective electric foot callus remover at your disposal, you can swiftly treat even the most stubbornly dry and damaged feet with hydrating them. You’ll soon be able to have perfect feet that you’re happy to boast about.

There are three different speeds available for the FOOT CURE Electronic Foot File. This electric foot file also includes three roller heads—Regular, Fine, and Coarse—and a pedicure tool kit.

In order to remove tough calluses and cracks, the FOOT CURE Electronic Foot File comes with a large roller head. The pedicure kit that comes with this electric foot file can accommodate different pedicure requirements.

What more can you ask from a foot scrubber for dead skin?

Additionally, they provide faster charging, which lasts for more than two to three hours. you can get a  week’s worth of use from The Foot Cure’s long-lasting battery.

Also, it is waterproof, allowing you to use it in the shower.

8# DONGYIN 2 Speed Electric Foot File


  • Two Speed Adjustable
  • Rechargeable
  • Three Types of Roller Heads
  • Waterproof

The electric foot file is the best option for foot care if you would like to have healthier feet, which is something that everyone wants. Just use DONGYIN Electric Foot File with certainty if your feet are bothering you due to flaky skin or calluses.

You can use the DONGYIN Electric Foot File even in the restroom because it is completely waterproof. Anyone can use it with confidence in the restroom, swimming pool, sauna, and other locations.

Thus, this professional pedicure tool is the perfect option that can meet your different types of needs!

Moreover, the quartz grinding head is very simple to detach and clean. You can immediately clean it. Additionally, the DONGYIN Electric Foot File has a touchscreen display and LED lighting, making it easy for you to use it in dimly lit areas and monitor the power level.

This pedicure package includes a stainless steel rough file, medium file, nail, manicure blade, callus remover, exfoliating blade, and one electric callus extractor in addition to six manual foot callus removers.

9# BOMPOW Rechargeable Foot File


  • Rechargeable
  • Three Types of Roller Heads
  • Two Speed Adjustable
  • Replaceable File Head

To remove tough dead skin, the BOMPOW Rechargeable Foot File is more than effective.

It includes two speeds of mild and strong settings to quickly and effectively remove callus and dry skin for attractive, graceful, and enticing feet.

Additionally, using it is quite safe and relaxing. There are no sharp blades or rough roller surfaces on this BOMPOW Rechargeable Foot File that could irritate your skin. Instead, it has a very comfortable handle design.

The BOMPOW Rechargeable Foot File is also portable and rechargeable. After being fully charged, it is transportable and cordless for use indoors and outside.

It is also very easy to clean! You clearly cannot go wrong with this electronic hard skin remover!

The foot file’s roller heads are simple to change and wash, and it comes with rollers for both soft and hard types of calluses. But make sure to not use this foot care gadget while taking a shower or submerge it in the water!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Do electronic foot files work?

Ans: Although they may seem a little frightening to those who are unfamiliar with them, an electric foot file can be a beneficial beauty foot care accessory when used correctly. They will focus on removing dry, flaky skin, repairing damaged heels, and even removing calluses that have formed over time.

Q2# Are electronic foot files good?

Ans: An electric foot file is a necessary device for maintaining smooth, clean feet. It removes the rough, dead skin on your feet by using premium exfoliating substances. This device completes the task within two minutes. Both men and women can benefit from using electric foot files.

Q3# Should your feet be wet when using a foot file?

Ans: Whatever type of foot file you choose, be sure to always file your feet while they are dry and never after a shower. This is because when your foot is wet, the areas of concern are obscured as you are unable to see the callus or dry skin as well.

Why Is An Electric Foot File Better Than The Manual Variant?

  • Compared to manual pedicure equipment, an electric foot file works faster. Having an electric foot filing device allows you to easily prepare for occasions such as parties.
  • It has a lot more power than traditional tools. Additionally, you can regulate their power to achieve the best outcomes.
  • With an electric foot file, you can file your heels and feet without the assistance of a second person because it is comparatively simple to use.
  • Because these products do not irritate broken heels, electric foot files are much safer. In comparison, manual pieces of equipment can be hard on your heels with cracks.

Tips To Consider While Using An Electric Foot File

  • Always make sure to use your electric foot files on dry skin rather than wet ones as a precaution.
  • When washing the top layer of your feet, use a rough roller; when smoothing them out, use a finer one.
  • I cannot stress this enough; always choose an electric foot filer that is waterproof.
  • If you are not obtaining the results you want, don’t put more pressure on yourself and your skin with an electric foot file. In other words, do not overdo it!
  • After each use, always make sure to clean your electric foot file.

Final Thoughts:

In addition to making walking agonizing, accumulating dead, dry, and flaky skin cells and cracked heels also create an unappealing and unsanitary appearance.

By providing thorough exfoliation, an electric foot file aids in removing these worries. So make an investment in electric foot files that effectively remove dead skin cells to leave your feet nice and smooth.

However, also think about purchasing electric foot files that have rechargeable batteries because they are portable and practical. Last but not least, absolutely avoid the ones that are not durable or waterproof. Therefore, to make sure you buy the best of the best we present to you the 9 Best Electric Foot Files.

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