What is Foot File?

You may ask, what is foot file? And how does it work?

We all suffer from dry, chapped heels from time to time. They are uncomfortable and sometimes very painful if we try to walk with them.

That’s when the foot file comes to rescue us. So.. what is it?

It’s gently shaving away the cracked area will increase cell turnover, revealing new and healthy-looking feet.

What is Foot File

What is Foot File?

A foot file is a handheld tool used on your feet to shave or file off dead skin cells—a crucial tool in the pedicure service. The filer can feel sandpaper-ish as it’s the same concept but more gentle and has smoothing effects.

 It’s an essential part of the foot care journey. Regular usage of this tool will make you feel more pleasant and glowing.

Why Is Foot File Essential?

If correct instructions are followed, foot filing can be very beneficial. With every use, you will be able to see visible results.

Most salons will use a filing tool to remove the damaged area and treat it with nourishing ingredients. The benefits of using it are:

Benefit #1: Gently buff away dead skin, calluses, and corn to reveal fresh skin.

Benefit #2: It improves the appearance of the foot, making it look visibly younger.

Benefit #3: Because of all the stimulation, the blood rushes to that place, increasing circulation and improving the body’s immune system.

Benefit #4: Fungal infections and bacteria will decrease significantly.  It is especially useful if you like to walk around wearing no shoes.

Benefit #5: The most considerable use of a foot file is to get rid of cracked heels, which are ugly and painful.

Make It an Essential Routine (How to Use)

Before learning how to use it, we need to know how many types of foot files are available in the market today.

They are Metal, Diamond, Ceramic, Wooden, and stainless steel. They all achieve the same results, but the intensity of the buffing is different.

Let’s look at the ways they can be used:

Step #1 Soak your feet in a skin-clearing soap for 5-15 minutes. [You can use olive or organic coconut oil before soaking your feet.

Step #2  Dry the feet with a towel. Next, hold the foot by the ankle and start filing the bottom of the feet, focusing on the heels.

Step #3 Start with a back and forth motion, increasing the pressure and the speed every time.

Step #4 Afterward, come to the center and go in with the file in a round motion. Move to sides frequently.

Step #5 For the toes, be very gentle. Rub them in a circular motion with low intercity.

Step #6 Finally, buff away the rest of the foot. The whole process should not take more than 20-30 minutes.

Step #7 Rinse the excess skin and apply a thick coat of moisturizer.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: How to get the maximum result using a foot file?

Ans: Using it correctly and consistently will ensure maximum results. Also, keep in mind the types of foot files available as some are more abrasive than others.

Q2: Is there any need to wash a foot file?

Ans: Usually, no. But you can do it monthly, using a soft brush and soap/warm water.

Q3: Do I need a foot file?

Ans: If you are over 20, you already face cracked heel issues. They are not fun to have, and shaving them down every once in a while is a good idea. So yes, you do need a foot file.

Q4: Will it make the callus worse?

Ans: If you use it incorrectly and way more frequently than advised, it will worsen them. Consult a foot expert if using a scraper would be ideal for you.

Q5: The best way to select a foot file?

Ans: First, evaluate the condition of the feet. If you have bad coarse skin, then 60-80 grit of stiff corn is ideal. 120-180 grit for soft ones and medium  coarsen feet will do just fine with  80-120 grit. Here are 9 best electric foot files.

Final Thoughts

Always be gentle when doing any type of filing or scrubbing. We just want to remove the dead skin, not the entire area.

Some products claim to be miracle cures, but only the product’s consistency, effort, and quality will ensure the issue’s improvement. That goes for everything in life, including the mind and soul.

Do you have any other queries regarding what is foot file? If yes, don’t worry, just ask us. We will be happy to help you.


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