What Happens If You Leave a Foot Peel on for Too Long?

Curious to know what happens if you leave a foot peel on for too long?

Do you overdo things for extra benefits? I bet you do.

Don’t worry, you are not alone! I sometimes overdo many things for extra benefit too.

Anyways, are you thinking of leaving a foot peel for too long or have already done it?

Whatever is it let’s take a look at what happens if you leave a foot peel on for too long?

What Happens If You Leave a Foot Peel on for Too Long

What Happens if You Leave a Foot Peel on for Too Long?

If you put foot peel on your feet for too long you can face a lot of irritations on your skin. Foot peel is made of a mixture of many chemicals. So when you leave a foot peel on your feet for too long you might experience soreness, redness, allergy and many more problems depending on your skin type.

How Long Should You Actually Leave a Foot Peel on for?

On the foot peel covers or in the instruction paper, you will see the duration of leaving the foot peel is mentioned. In most foot peels you will see that they instruct you to leave it for around one hour.

As I mentioned earlier, foot peel is made with a lot of chemicals that help you to remove dry skin and get healthy skin. So the chemical reaction is what decides the duration of leaving it.

Well, it is possible that your feet are very dry or very rough. In this case, they do not discourage you to soak your feet in foot peel for 90 to 120 minutes. But it is strongly guided that leaving a foot peel more than that can harm your skin instead of healing it.

But if you are concerned about would a foot peel actually works in only one hour, let me ease your doubts. The foot specialists (beautician) instruct you to soak your feet in lukewarm water before wearing the booties. And in this process, your feet soften and becomes absorbent. So afterward, when you soak your feet in the foot peel, one hour becomes enough for them to absorb it.

Can Foot Peel Burn Skin if Left for a Long Time?

Yes, it certainly can. There are acids that are mixed to make foot peel. All the acids that are used in the foot peel are good for skin nourishment, moisture and exfoliator. But as these are acids, leaving them for too long can burn your skin.

The portion of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid that are used in foot peel is designed to keep on the skin for a certain amount of time. So right at the time when you start to cross the time limit, the acids start to work on the skin more than it needs. And eventually, it burns your skin.

How to Handle Acid Burns from Foot Peel?

Well, a burn from a foot peel can be very painful and a bad experience. It can leave permanent scars and blisters. So it is essential to take steps as soon as possible.

Let me tell you how to handle the situation step by step.

  1. Don’t panic. Stay calm and call for help if anyone is near.
  2. Remove the booties from both feet very carefully. Be extra cautious about not getting even a single drop around your eyes.
  3. Pour water on the affected areas to wash the peel off. It is a very important primary step which will help soothe the pain temporarily and stop the burn to grow.
  4. Once you are a little stable, visit the nearest clinic. They will make it easy for you from then.
  5. Make sure to take medicines and ointments as the specialist or doctor prescribes.

The Do’s to Follow in a Foot Peel Process

There are some do’s you can follow for better results on removing dead skin and getting healthy skin. Well, I won’t say all of them must be followed, but these can make the peeling process easy for you. Let’s check them out.

  • Wash your feet and soak them in warm water. Well, It is very important to clean the dirt from your feet and soften your feet by soaking them in water for several minutes.
  • It is better if you remove your nail polish while using a foot peel.
  • When you put on the booties, make sure to cover your feet well. You can wear socks as well to cover them up. It helps the result to be good.
  • As your feet will start peeling after 3-7 days. Be patient. Even if it takes time more than that, keep patience and wait.
  • If your feet feel dry after you wash off the foot peel, you can use any oil-free moisturizer.
  • When you see your skin has started to shed, you can soak your feet in warm water once every day.
  • You can give your feet some gentle scrubs after you soak them.
  • Let it peel off by itself.
  • It is okay for you to walk with the socks on. Because the mixture will keep doing its work and so can you.

Note: If you still doubt about what happens if you leave a foot peel on for too long, just read the below DON’T’S list.

The Don’t’s in a Foot Peel Process

Now let’s look at some don’t’s that you should avoid as much as you can for your benefit.

  • Don’t leave a foot peel for too long. Follow the instruction as given.
  • Don’t let the foot peel go any near your face or eyes.
  • Don’t use lotion on your feet after you wash the foot peel.
  • Don’t pull over the peeling skin. If any peeling skin bothers you, just cut them off gently.
  • Don’t try to reuse the same foot peel. Because that won’t work.
  • Don’t use it very frequently. It is suggested to use a foot peel once in two months. Even if you see your dead skin is still there, wait till the time comes and use foot peel again.
  • And lastly, don’t freak out thinking you’ve become a lizard. Happy foot peeling!

Final Words

Well, I think I could answer all your probable questions here.

As you’ve seen that foot peel makes our feet baby smooth, and it can do permanent damage as well, I really hope that you will avoid overdoing it.

So, be careful and do not leave a foot peel for too long because foot peel can surely harm your skin and leave you in pain.

Do you still kneed to know more information regarding what happens if you leave a foot peel on for too long? Feel free to read our other articles.

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