Are Cuticle Pushers Bad?

Have you ever seen a salon where they do not use cuticle pushers? I guess not, right? Cuticle pushers are widely used in nail dressing and even in regular nail care.

As cuticle pushers push back the cuticle from its natural position, it is sometimes avoided by some people.

But, are cuticle pushers bad? Let’s find it out and make your manicure easier.

Are Cuticle Pushers Bad?

Well, some people do not even recommend pushing cuticles as it breaks the natural rules of nail structure. But if you want to push cuticles back, it is asked to do it right.

And when it comes to using cuticle pushers, cuticle pushers are not entirely bad. As you need to push cuticles correctly, using a cuticle pusher is the best way. But if you use cuticle pushers incorrectly it can be harmful to your nails.

Are Cuticle Pushers Bad

Consequences of Using Cuticle Pushers Incorrectly

Well, as using cuticle pushers are constantly being used in nail salons, it might seem like it only causes benefits. But if the cuticle pushers are used incorrectly, your nails can face major harm.

You have to remember, the cuticle area is sensitive. So when you use cuticle pushers improperly on the sensitive area, it can cause inflammation. You can suffer from pain, redness and swelling.

Then again, you should also remember that even though the skin is sensitive, it works like a shield to your nail root. So when you use cuticle pushers incorrectly, it may weaken your nail roots.

Lastly and most dangerously, you can get an infection around your cuticle area. The cuticle area is wrapped with bacteria, which keeps your nails healthy. So when you move them they might react and cause infection.

The infection that can occur due to the improper use of cuticle pushers is called “Paronychia”. When this infection occurs, you get red and tender painful skin around the cuticle. It’s always warm and red. You might notice pus filling up under the skin.

The Proper Way of Using Cuticle Pushers

Now let’s take a look at how can you save yourself from happening the mentioned problems. Well, you just have to simply follow the proper way of using cuticle pushers and that’s it.

Here is how you can use cuticle pushers in a proper way.

1# First and foremost, choose the best stainless steel cuticle pushers. As the cuticle pushers work directly on your skin, it is important to choose the right one. Stainless steel is safe as it is versatile and friendly to the skin.

2# Then, soften your cuticles. To soften your cuticles you can choose either water, cuticle oil or cuticle remover. All you have to do is to soak your nails in it and wait for a few minutes.

Once the cuticles are soft enough to be pushed back, move to the next step.

3# Hold the cuticle pusher to your nail at an angle of 45 degrees. Now start pushing the cuticles. Be gentle while pushing the cuticles. You can use either the flat side or the round one.

4# Follow the same way to push back all the cuticles to the length you like. Lastly, polish them however you desire.

You can make cuticle pushers a daily self-care tool. You can use it every four to seven days. There are no problems overdoing it when you’re doing it right.

How to Heal Pushed Back Cuticles?

If you have already pushed back your cuticles and now it hurts, don’t worry. Healing pushed-back cuticles are not that tough. And it does not take much time too.

If you see redness or swelling along with feeling pain, just put on creams that can soothe it. Dryness also causes pain, so use cuticle oil or cuticle cream to hydrate the area. You can also put moisturizer or vaseline to soothe the painful cuticles.

And if you get the infection I mentioned before, only antibiotics will be enough to heal it. Consult with a specialist and get the antibiotics.

Give your cuticles some time to heal themselves. Be patient and keep applying the soothing creams until you notice a positive difference.

Do Experts Recommend Cuticle Pushers?

According to the experts, the cuticle does not want to be pushed or cut. So it is better if you let them be the way they want to be.

Yet, if you want to push back your cuticles for some specific reasons then the experts do not forbid it. As the cuticle pushers are specially designed for pushing cuticles, so the experts do not see anything bad in using them.

But as I mentioned, incorrect use of cuticle pushers is bad, so experts suggest using cuticle pushers with proper instructions and care.

To sum up, experts recommend cuticle pushers to push cuticles.

Are Alternatives of Cuticle Pushers Safe to Use?

Well, according to experts, it is not that safe if you want to use anything else as an alternative to cuticle pushers.

Personally, I will also not recommend you to use anything else to push your cuticles instead of cuticle pushers.

When it is an emergency and you don’t have a cuticle pusher, then you can try something else. But it is better not to use any other things as an alternative to a cuticle pusher.

Here is why:

The alternatives of cuticle pushers can be toothpicks, match sticks or wooden sticks. It can also be your hand and soft clothes or gauze.

You see, wooden sticks or toothpicks are too sharp to rely on. These alternatives can cause more trouble than improper use of cuticle pushers. You might not get the desired length or can end up hurting yourself.

Also, it is forbidden to use your other fingernails to push back cuticles. The bacteria present in the other nail cause a high infection risk when you push cuticles using nails.

Extra Pointers

As using cuticle pushers is a task of care, it is important to be aware the whole time you’re using them. So here comes some bonus tips for you.

  • Keep your hands clean. As you are going to touch everything with your hands so it is important that you keep your hands clean. It is preferred to sanitize them properly.
  •  Make sure to keep the cuticle pushers clean. Clean the tools before and after you use them. Do not procrastinate to clean the tools.
  • Never trim the excess cuticle. When you cut the cuticles after you have pushed them, you use another tool. This touch of another tool can cause infection.
  • It is better to use the rounded side than using the flat side of a cuticle pusher.
  • Don’t be too aggressive while using cuticle pushers. Be gentle and work slowly while using cuticle pushers.

Final Thoughts

Even though cuticle pushers move cuticles from their natural position, it is not seen as a major issue. But being extra aware is important.

Also, experts recommend cuticle pushers as well as the right use of them.

So to conclude, you can use cuticle pushers as cuticle pushers are not bad. But make sure to be careful and follow the instructions.

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