What is the Blue Stuff They Use for Pedicures? A Solution

If you are regular to salons, you must see a lot of bottles and stuff laying around. Also, a lot of pieces of stuff are used in your pedicures, or before the pedicures.

Here, I will be talking about one of the most common ingredients that salons use for pedicures, the blue stuff.

What is it?

Let’s find out what is the blue stuff they use for pedicures. Read the entire article to know more about the blue stuff.

what is the blue stuff they use for pedicures?

If this question has arisen in your mind too, I can assume that you’re quite an observer! Very impressive! Anyways, let’s see what the blue stuff is called that they use for pedicures.

The blue stuff they use for pedicures is a blue liquid that is used to kill germs and viruses. It’s basically a kind of sanitizer. Most commonly in almost every salon, the brand of disinfectant that they use is called Barbicide.

What is the Blue Stuff They Use for Pedicures

Why is the Blue Stuff Used in Pedicures?

Well, one of the major reasons for pedicures is hygiene, right? So the tools need to be hygienic too, even the environment should be hygienic. And I have mentioned earlier that the blue liquid as in Barbicide kills germs and viruses. Of course you can use aqua blue tablets for pedicure too. As well as sani-tablet pedicure or pedicure soak tablets and galbucket pedicure cream mask also.

So basically to decrease the risks of germs attack, skin diseases and infections, the blue stuff is used. The germs and viruses need to be appropriately gone and Barbicide holds an effective capability to do it.

Not only that the blue stuff works effectively as a disinfectant, but it also kills germs and viruses very fast. Only immersing the tools in the concentrate or wiping or spraying the concentrate on the tools is enough to get the viruses out of the way.

And if you see that your salon is using blue stuff in pedicures you should feel relieved and trust them completely. Because they know what they are doing and it is the best!

It doesn’t only ensure the hygiene of the pedicure tools, but yours too. You might notice that salons massage something on your feet before starting the pedicure process. It is also that blue stuff.

But not literally “that” blue stuff, but the same kind of liquid that disinfects. This one is used for disinfecting your feet properly.

Is the Blue Stuff Toxic?

Well, it depends on which type of blue stuff or Barbicide you are talking about.

If you’re talking about the liquid that is used while cleaning pedicure tools, then yes it is toxic. Barbicide for cleaning is marked as hazardous. It can cause severe eye damage and inflammation like skin burns, redness, cracking and more. It can even catch fire.

But if you follow the instructions for storing and using it, none of them can occur. It is recommended to keep it in a safe space, where there is no heat, sparks, or open fire to avoid any kind of accidents.

But Barbicide Hands Disinfection is not toxic for the skin. This disinfectant is specially made for the skin. So if you want to use it on your hands or feet you can do it. However, be careful not to get any of it in your eye area.

Avoid using it on the skin, if you have cuts or wounds.

How to Use the Blue Stuff for Pedicures?

Let’s move on to how can you use it for pedicures. I am going to tell you both of the uses, use on your skin and on the pedicure tools.

Firstly, when you’re about to use Barbicide Hands Disinfectant, you just have to take some blue liquid on your hands and rub it properly. Same for the feet as well. Do it before you start your pedicures. It will sanitize your hands and feet and make the process safe.

Then, if you want to disinfect your pedicure tools, the first thing you must do is read the contact time list added to the label. You must follow it accordingly. After you complete reading and understanding the time list, you’re ready to use it.

To make the appropriate liquid for a pedicure, take 2 oz of the blue stuff, which is basically ¼ cup. Then mix it with 32 oz water, which is around 4 cups. Now you spray or wipe the blue stuff on the tools. Or you can also immerse the tools in the blue liquid you just prepared. It will make them clean and hygienic.

This mixture is capable of killing all the pathogens that might be present in the tools. You can change this mixture 2 times a week. However, many people suggest changing it every day.

You must change it if it gets mixed with blood or a cloud of hair. If it does not get so dirty, reusing will be fine.

Can We Skip Using the Blue Stuff in Pedicures?

 Yes, you can skip using the blue stuff in pedicures as long as you’re using another disinfectant. It is not okay to use pedicure tools without disinfecting them. It is highly dangerous for the skin.

You see, in a salon, there are many clients who have totally different types of skin. Also, there are crores of bacteria and viruses. So if they do not disinfect the instruments that they are gonna use on you or on any other clients, it will be harmful to you and them.

You might think that maybe if you’re using the tools on only yourself at home, you may not need to use the blue stuff each time you pedicure. Well, you’re thinking wrong.

Let me tell you why:

The simplest scary reason is that your bacteria are enough to harm you if you use the tools without sanitizing. The bacteria on your feet usually get on your tools when you use them. And in the next use, if they are not killed, they can again attack you and cause an infection.

So you must use the blue stuff before pedicures. If not Barbicide, there are other similar disinfectants available. Use them.

Is the Blue Stuff Available in the Market?

Yes, you can find the blue stuff in the market. If you want to use the blue stuff, Barbicide in your pedicure tool cleaning mixture, you can look into the supermarket.

Barbicide is a brand that has been serving consumers since 1947. It is quite a popular brand and almost all the well salons use it to disinfect the pedicure tools. So basically, for being popular, hopefully, you can find them in your closest supermarket.

To buy it for yourself you can simply go to the market and ask for Barbicide or can even get it voluntarily. Also, the labeling of this product is very clear and noticeable so you can find it easily.

However, other disinfectants are also available, but as the salons use Barbicide for a long time now, I am suggesting it too.


Q: What is the blue tablet used in pedicure?

A: The blue tablet used in pedicure is a disinfectant tablet that is commonly used to clean and sterilize pedicure tools such as nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and foot files. The tablet is dissolved in water to create a solution that kills bacteria and prevents the spread of infection during pedicures.

Q: What is the blue liquid at nail salon?

A: The blue liquid at nail salons is commonly known as barbicide. It is a disinfectant solution that is used to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The liquid is a bright blue color to help differentiate it from other liquids in the salon.

Nail salons use the solution to clean metal utensils such as nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and nail files. This is important to ensure that these tools are free from any infection-causing pathogens before they are used on clients.

Barbicide is also used to sanitize pedicure tubs and other surfaces. It is essential to use barbicide and other disinfectants in salons to maintain a clean and safe environment for both the clients and the technicians.

Q: What do nail techs use to remove dead skin from feet?

A: Nail technicians use a variety of tools and products to remove dead skin from feet, depending on the level of dryness and roughness. The most common tools are foot files, pumice stones, and callus shavers. Foot files are usually made of metal and have a rough surface that helps to gently buff away dead skin.

Pumice stones are volcanic rocks that are porous and abrasive, making them ideal for exfoliating rough skin on the bottoms of feet. Callus shavers are small blades with a handle that allow for precision removal of tough skin.

In addition to these tools, nail techs may use foot scrubs or chemical peels to further soften and exfoliate the skin on feet. It’s important for nail techs to use these tools safely and effectively to avoid damaging the skin or causing injuries. Regular removal of dead skin can help prevent calluses and keep feet looking and feeling healthy.

Final Thoughts

So you finally know what is the blue stuff they use for pedicures, right?

To sum up: the blue stuff that they use for pedicures is nothing but disinfectant that saves you from health risks.

There is no harm in using it for pedicures. You can trust the salons on this and you can also use it on your own by maintaining the instructions.

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