What Is Cuticle Nipper?

Are you a beginner when it comes to the world of pedicure? Don’t know what is cuticle nipper? Well, have you heard about these fancy foot care tools for your beautiful feet and don’t know how to use them? Well, you’re in luck.

Because in this article will discuss one of the integral components of a pedicure set: a cuticle nipper/plier.

It’s hard to find the right type of tool for your needs as the market is so overwhelming.  Let’s take a ride and find out all the whereabouts of this nail care tool.

What Is Cuticle Nipper

What is Cuticle Nipper?

A cuticle nipper/plier is a handheld, non-invasive device used on toenails and fingernails to cut hangnails and rigid cuticles. They are different from standard nail clippers as they can go in tight places and trim cuticles.

Commonly used by manicurists and pedicurists to achieve a clean canvas for nail polish to sit on. In other words, they make your manicure/pedicure look RAD!

Got your answer regarding what is cuticle nipper?

Why Cut the Cuticle?

For those who have overgrown cuticles, which makes them uncomfortable and sometimes hinders the mobility of their fingers, they should cut the cuticles.

Overgrown cuticles make the nail polish stick to your nail bed poorly.

Not everyone should go around cutting their healthy cuticles. You should never miss them as they are a thin layer of skin protecting you from fungal or bacterial infections.

Benefits of Using a Cuticle Nipper

If you have decided to cut your cuticles but don’t want to invest in some cuticle nippers/pliers. Then read the following benefits and judge them by yourself. You will not regret it.

Benefit #1 A beautiful manicure/pedicure finish and the base coat nail polish will apply smoothly and last a long time.

Benefit #2 Prevent ingrown and shape your nails however you want.

Benefit #3 It boosts the nail growth process, making them strong and not break off easily.

Benefit #4  Your manicure and pedicure will last for A long time.

Benefit #5  It eliminates hangnails and leaves a clean line every time.

How to Use Cuticle Nipper?

Suppose you have used it before and injured yourself because you didn’t pay attention or maybe cut too much of your cuticles which lead to weak nail growth.

So here’s how to not make that happen again. Here are some steps to step process on how to use cuticle nippers:

Step 1: Take a bowl of warm water and add a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Soak the fingers or your tone nails in that bowl for 3 to 5 minutes. You can skip this part and use cuticle oils to soften the cuticles.

Step 2: Take heavy stainless steel quality nail clippers. Gently locate the places where you need to cut your cuticles. Start Knipping away those extra skins as a means for the cleanest cut.

Step 3: Be aware of which one is your living tissue and which is the dead cuticles. Now, if you have hangnails, go to the base and cut only from the base.

Step 4: For a more precise cutting, use an Orange stick and push back on the cuticles. This will lift the dead skin, and you will quickly identify how much cut needs to be done on each nail.

Step 5: To remove any dead cuticles build upon your nails, gently scrub the edges of your nail bed. Be very gentle and don’t overdo it.

Step 6: Remove the remaining rough edges and use a buffer to even out the surface of your nails. You can use nail clippers afterward to shape your nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How often should I cut my cuticles?

A: If you have an overproduction of cuticles, you should cut them every 15 to 20 days. And if you have healthy cuticles, doing it monthly should be enough.

Q2: Which one is better: cuticle nippers or cuticle scissors?

A: It depends on the person and their situation. If you are comfortable holding a best cuticle scissor, then a nipper is the right option. Vice versa.

Q3: What will happen if I don’t cut my cuticles?

A:  There is no need to cut your cuticles, but if you want to beautify your nail beds, then you should cut your cuticles.

Q4: What is the easiest way to cut your cuticles?

A: A cuticle nipper/plier is the easiest way to cut your cuticles. It provides you with a comfortable grip and more precision.

Q5:  How far back should I use my cuticle nippers?

A: By using an orange stick, you first push back your cuticles, and you will quickly see how much dead skin hangs loose. You only cut the hanging bits leaving the healthy skin behind.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything about cuticle nipper/pliers. Be very careful when using one, and I suggest you leave that to a professional nail groomer as they would have the most control over those nippers. If you choose to do it yourself, be wary of how much you cut them.

Still you have more question about what is cuticle nipper? No problem, check our other articles. Hope you will find your desired solution.

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