How Long Does It Take for the Shoe Goo to Dry?

Damaged heels and worn soles? Shoe Goo is always ready to fix it. Shoe Goo is like magic. It repair shoes permanently! Fascinating, right?

Primarily we all know how to fix shoes with Shoe Goo. But there are more things to know. Drying Shoe Goo is one of them.

In this article, I will be finding out how long it takes for the Shoe Goo to dry, join me!

How Long Does It Take for the Shoe Goo to Dry?

 The drying speed of Shoe Goo highly depends on the environment, temperature and humidity. It also depends on the thickness of the Shoe Goo layers.

Initially, Shoe Goo dries within 24v hours. This may take up to 48 hours as well. However, if the damage needed overcoating of Shoe Goo or the environment is unfavorable for it, it may take up to 3 days to dry too.

Tricks to Dry Shoe Goo Faster

As mentioned before, Shoe Goo’s drying process depends on the environment, including temperature and humidity.

The less the humidity and the more the temperature is there, the faster Shoe Goo dries. But if the humidity is higher and the temperature is not, then it takes time to dry.

So I think you can assume what I am going to suggest! My suggestion is to dry Shoe Goo faster, you should keep them in a dry place where the humidity is low. Also, make sure the temperature is high.

You can use any portable fan to blow the Shoe Goo for faster work. Well, a hair dryer, heat gun or handled dryer can also make this process faster by blowing heated air towards it.

But do not make the heat too high. Keep the heat stable with the environment while drying.

How Long After Drying Shoe Goo Can I Wear the Shoes?

Well, the best is if you give the Shoe Goo the most time that it needs. As you know, “time can heal”. So for even fixing shoes, the more time you give it the more it gets tightened.

You might notice that the Shoe Goo dries by one or two hours, don’t try the shoe on instantly. To dry it properly give it at least 24-72 hours. So you can try wearing the shoes after 2-3 days.

If you try wearing the shoes before the Shoe Goo dries, you might disturb the sticking process. It also may make you overdo the same work twice or thrice.

So if you want to wear a perfectly fixed shoe then you should wait for at least 2-3 days after the Shoe Goo dries.

Can I Wet Shoes Instantly After Shoe Goo Dries?

You will be delighted to know that Shoe Goo is waterproof. So wetting the shoes after the Shoe Goo dries would be no problem.

Shoe Goo gets quite a rubbery texture after it dries. The rubbery texture makes it water-resistant.

The Shoe Goo company assures that Shoe Goo is water resistant right after you apply it to the shoes. So after the Shoe Goo dries, there is zero risk to wet the shoes.

But a small suggestion would be that if you are planning to use Shoe Goo on a shoe and then wash it, you better wash it first. Dust and dirt over the spaces where you would want to apply Shoe Goo might make the sticking process unsuccessful.

So washing the dirty shoe first will help the Shoe Goo to fix the shoes well.

What Else Can I Fix With Shoe Goo?

 Another good thing about Shoe Goo is that it can be used on other stuff along with shoes too!

Shoe Goo is a super sticky repair that can permanently fix stuff effectively. The other things that you can fix with Shoe Goo are-

  • Torn bike seat, grips of bicycle and bike tire
  • Car’s seat and steering cover
  • Torn badminton or baseball bags
  • Leaking aquariums
  • Computer keyboard
  • Loose rubber packing around the car’s windows
  • Holes on the tents or bags like sports bags, ripped suitcases, handbags and more
  • Fixes toys, helmets cracks and more like this
  • It fixes flowerpots, water pipes, mugs and plates as well!
  • It can even fix the fallen-apart tiles!

Final Thoughts

I think you found many other questions’ answers along with how long does it take for the Shoe Goo to dry.

Isn’t Shoe Goo just amazing? If you do the math, the drying time is not that time-consuming as well. Along with a permanent fix and drying fast, it is also waterproof!

I think 24-72 hours for a permanent fix is worth waiting for!

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